Drew Carey Shares Tearful Tribute To Murdered Ex-Fiancée Amie Harwick

the price is right drew carey amie harwick tribute

In the wake of Dr. Amie Harwick’s death, The Price is Right host Drew Carey shared a tearful tribute to his ex-fiancée during his SiriusXM show. The famed Hollywood family and marriage therapist, who appeared in the documentary Addicted to Sexting, was murdered by ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse in the early hours of February 15. Carey chose to honor and remember her with a set of music they both listened to when they were together.

Drew Carey and Amie Harwick confirmed their engagement back in 2018 before breaking it off shortly after. Still, Carey called the love he and Harwick shared as being “once in a lifetime.” While the former Whose Line is it Anyway? host is currently grieving the loss of his ex-fiancée, he took a moment at the end of his SiriusXM show, Drew Carey’s Friday Night Freak-Out, to dedicate a set of songs to her. Here’s what he had to say in tribute to Harwick:

If you didn’t know, she was murdered on Valentine’s night by an ex-boyfriend that had been stalking her for about ten years, and she was definitely afraid of, and was even afraid of him when we were in a relationship. And he finally got her, and killed her. I just want to say I’m so broken up, but I know there’s a lot of musicians that listen to this station, and I hope you know that the music you make is so much more than a paycheck. Your music touches people and affects people and reminds people of where they were and what they did, and experiences they had. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a love song or a rocker or a party song, all your songs really do make memories for people and bond people, and I know these do.

During the SiriusXM broadcast, Drew Carey tearfully recalled telling Harwick about the music set he made for her at the time and how they’d sing the words of the songs to each other. The host mentioned that he’s not in the right headspace to entertain anyone at the moment, but that he felt the need to share the music that meant so much to him and Harwick before signing off. In his words:

Even after we broke up, we still loved each other very much, even though we broke off the engagement. I was still so in love with her and she loved me back, and I can never hear these songs again without thinking of her. This next set is for Amie Harwick, a beautiful person who didn’t deserve to die like she did, and I loved her very much. I’m not gonna be back after these songs air. . . . I might take a couple weeks off, because I’m really in no position to work or entertain anybody right now.

Drew Carey, who took over hosting The Price Is Right in 2007, is taking the loss of Amie Harwick incredibly hard, with production on the game show suspended in respect for his grief. His tribute to Amie Harwick was heartfelt, poignant, and touching, and it’s clear she meant a lot to him.

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Mae Abdulbaki