The Walking Dead Fans Are Upset About Laura, And So Is Actress Lindsley Register

Lindsley Register as Laura on The Walking Dead AMC
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SPOILERS ahead from The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 10, "Stalker," which aired Sunday, March 1, 2020.

Going into this week on The Walking Dead Season 10, we were warned "Stalker" would give a surprise ending to a character who had been on the AMC show since Season 7. That character was revealed to be Laura. She was introduced as one of Negan's Saviors in the Walking Dead episode called "The Cell" in 2016 and exited via a cell when trying to save Gamma from Beta.

The reformed Savior became a fan favorite. Those fans were at first confused about her fate and then upset when Talking Dead confirmed Laura had died -- but there was no interview with Laura actress Lindsley Register to give closure on what happened.

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That's one of the tweets Lindsley Register retweeted on her own account.

I can understand how she wasn't announced as being on Talking Dead in advance, since that has become something of a spoiler, but they could've taped something or had her call in. At any rate, Lindsley Register has noticed Walking Dead fans' outpouring of grief and support. She's been retweeting a lot of posts, along with sharing her own brief thoughts on the sad but noble departure:

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Even though Laura was never a main character, she became a favorite supporting character for many Walking Dead fans. Lindsley Register appreciated the love:

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Fans -- and Lindsley Register -- appreciated that Laura died a hero:

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Laura had an incredible arc across 20 episodes on the show -- starting as one of the Saviors and ending as one of the leaders in Alexandria:

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Unlike some Walking Dead stars, it doesn't sound like Lindsley Register was eager to leave the show. What's next? We still have to dig up Connie and Magna, Carol has to deal with the guilt from what she did, and I still have to recover from that Alpha and Negan sex from the midseason premiere.

Next week, though, it's Hilltop's turn to deal with The Whisperers. That happens in The Walking Dead Season 10's "Morning Star," which airs Sunday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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