Doctor Who Will Reportedly Lose Some Cast Members After The Next Holiday Special

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Doctor Who only just concluded its Season 12 finale, and there are already rumors about what's next for The Doctor and her fam. Specifically, some of that fam may be going their separate ways in the near future, as it's being reported the BBC America series will see not one, but two companions leave after the upcoming holiday special. Word is that Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will exit the series ahead of the still-unconfirmed Season 13, which means no more Graham and Ryan.

The news, which the BBC has not commented on (that I could find), would not be all that surprising if it were true. Doctor Who dropped a breadcrumb in Season 12 that Tosin Cole's Ryan was on the fence about continuing his adventures with The Doctor, and the show has taken a similar route in the past with Bradley Walsh's Graham. Plus, with the two linked via Ryan's grandmother, it isn't hard to see why both characters would exit at the same time.

The word from the Mirror (which originally broke the news and has had a steady track record of Doctor Who leaks over the years) is that both actors are moving on to other things. Bradley Walsh has been a major face on British television for some time, and has duties elsewhere hosting the series The Chase and Breaking Dad. Having previously discussed filming Season 12 of Doctor Who, and the toll it took on his 60-year-old body, Walsh said:

We have great fun doing it. But you must sleep and look after yourself, because if you don’t, you will come unstuck. This is 10 months of ramming speed. That’s what it is. I’m in my 60th year. It’s tough. It’s hard. It’s relentless. It really is. This ain't an easy gig.

As for why Tosin Cole is leaving, the actor has another series lined up over at AMC, where he's set to lead the upcoming courtroom drama 61st Street, which was first announced back in October. That role could be a major factor in why Cole would need to leave Doctor Who for now, assuming he even does.

Considering the pair of exits haven't been confirmed, details aren't very clear on either end about how that would all play out, though a report from RadioTimes stated the exit will allow both actors an opportunity to return for future episodes. So that would likely mean fans wouldn't witness any deaths or other permanent changes.

Provided the rumors surrounding Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole's exits are true, that would mean Mandip Gil's Yaz will be The Doctor's only remaining companion. Doctor Who has stuck to one companion in its reboot years more often than not, so it shouldn't be a huge adjustment for fans going forward if the show doesn't add anyone else. It will be sad to see Ryan and Graham leave after two great seasons, though the rumor that they will be able to return makes it a lot less bittersweet news, considering companions tend to be permanently written off.

For now it's all up in the air, but CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for Doctor Who updates as we march closer to that holiday special. Stick with us for more on that and for the latest major news happening in television and movies.

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