Legacies Just Ended On The Worst Cliffhanger Before The Coronavirus Break

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legacies episode "Facing Darkness Is Kind Of My Thing." Read at your own risk!

As more and more television programming enters hiatus due to production suspensions, Legacies managed to head into its coronavirus-induced hiatus with some sort of conclusive arc in regards to Dark Josie. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of a pretty brutal cliffhanger, and fans will have to wait quite a while to see how it shakes out.

Here's the good news: two-thirds of the people that Legacies teased were dead last week (Alyssa and Raf) are now alive again and free from The Necromancer's wrath. Also, Hope successfully managed to find Josie hiding out in her own mind, and gave the Saltzman sister the confidence to overcome her darker half and chop her down with an ax. Josie emerged as her usual self, and it appeared life would return to normal.

At least, until the dust settled and Hope was still in a coma. Somehow, she hasn't woken up from her trip in Josie's mind, and no one is exactly sure why. Landon is also not waking up, despite a promise from The Necromancer that he would be brought back from death. It appears his situation is a bit more complicated than that, or perhaps The Necromancer went back on his word?

If there is some silver lining for Legacies fans, at least Landon or Hope didn't have to wake up and learn the other was still in peril. That would've made for an arguably more upsetting cliffhanger, though the current situation is far from ideal. Especially when there's no word on when Season 2 will continue at this time. Julie Plec did have some update in that regard on Twitter, though even this response is kind of vague on what's next for the show.

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Julie Plec isn't to blame for not having answers, as a lot of shows are facing uncertainty as to when they'll be able to return. Depending on how long this period of quarantine will last, it's even possible some shows may have to forgo filming on the rest of their season and press ahead to the next season to make fall season deadlines.

Luckily, Legacies put itself in a better position than most to pick up with its cliffhanger, as sad and distressing as it may be. If Season 3 had to pick up with figuring out what happened with Hope and Landon, it wouldn't be the worst way to kick off the season. The worst part about it would be the wait, which may be unbearable for anyone really rooting for this couple.

For now, Legacies is on break, but it will return to The CW eventually. Stick with CinemaBlend for updates on what's going on with television and movies as this uncertain time continues for the world of entertainment.

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