Live With Kelly And Ryan Fans Are Angry With Kelly Ripa For Lying About Where She's Quarantining

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Hot on the heels of rumors about Ryan Seacrest's health, the other co-host of Live With Kelly And Ryan now has a controversy of her own. News is out that Kelly Ripa and family have been quarantining in the Caribbean, and not in her New York City apartment like many fans had believed. The reveal has angered some viewers, who think the information was something the host should've disclosed since the show had begun filming remotely.

As many are aware, New York City is one of the major hot zones for COVID-19. Many may have been concerned about Kelly Ripa's health and well-being during the city's lockdown, but now feel a bit betrayed knowing that she's been hanging out on a tropical island. Quarantine in paradise, even if it is still quarantine, just doesn't seem like as much of a struggle to those on Twitter.

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The big issue doesn't seem to be that Kelly Ripa isn't in New York City, but that she has allowed Live With Kelly And Ryan viewers to believe she was there when she and her family simply extended their vacation and chose to wait out the pandemic rather than return home. As viewers have said, at no point had Ripa explained, since March, that she was out of the country during this whole ordeal.

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Kelly Ripa may have caught some flak for admitting she was on vacation from the start, though it's not necessarily like her family planned a trip knowing what would happen. Now that there have been weeks worth of shows where there's evidence both she and Ryan Seacrest carefully chose their words to avoid lying about where she is, one can't help but think the fallout is much worse. People are upset, and perhaps even more upset they didn't find out on the show.

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Some people are so hot about this controversy, they're threatening to swear off Live With Kelly And Ryan for good. No one likes being lied to, and it's clear from the litany of negative tweets that viewers do feel like they were lied to, even if it was a lie of omission.

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Not everyone is anti-Kelly Ripa in this controversy, however, as there are those who believe Ripa had no obligation to inform her viewers about her whereabouts. This is an international pandemic after all, so it's not like just because she's not suffering quite like those in New York, she doesn't have her own problems.

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It's hard to say how this controversy will ultimately impact Kelly Ripa or Live With Kelly And Ryan as viewers are still plenty fired up. Only time will tell if Ripa will be able to move on from this controversy, or if her actions in the days that come will win back the viewers she angered.

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