Kelly Ripa's Husband Mark Consuelos Told A Wild Sex Story While Guest-Hosting For Ryan Seacrest

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Kelly Ripa has experienced her fair share of co-host drama during her years on the ABC daytime talk show circuit, and the tension from the split with Michael Strahan was still going strong as recently as early 2019. The sailing with Ryan Seacrest at her side on Live with Kelly and Ryan has been seemingly smooth, but her husband stepped in for Seacrest for a recent broadcast, and the result was the audience hearing a wild sex story courtesy of Mark Consuelos.

Of course, Kelly Ripa wasn't upset that Mark Consuelos was literally sharing bedroom secrets with both the studio audience and the millions of people watching from home. He started the story, and she pitched in to help with the details. Consuelos kicked off the conversation by revealing that he and his wife started their daughter Lola's birthday off on a bit of a sour note. Why? Well, poor Lola walked in on her parents having sex on what just so happened to be Father's Day.

Well, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos clearly aren't embarrassed by their sex life, if telling the story of Lola's birthday morning is any indication. The husband and wife seemed a bit divided on whether or not Lola knocked on their bedroom door, although they did agree that Ripa wasn't entirely in the mood and was -- in Consuelos' amused words -- "going through the motions." Check out the story for yourself!

On the one hand, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos could have kept this incident a family secret and simply bantered about non-sex-related topics while Consuelos was in for Ryan Seacrest. On the other hand, how else could they have defended their honor? Ripa was downright indignant when Consuelos suggested that Lola really did knock on the door, as she clearly remains convinced that their daughter barged right in without knocking.

Whether she knocked or not, it sounds like Lola learned her lesson about entering her parents' bedroom without their clear invitation. As funny as the story is, I do have to feel for Lola. That's not how anybody would want to kick off their 18th birthday. Still, at least her siblings can apparently relate to how it feels to walk in on their parents!

Honestly, everything about this story was fun for me, and I usually am not a fan of anything that can lead to secondhand embarrassment. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are so charming in the telling of the story and so openly unabashed about the entire fiasco that the clip is worth a rewatch. If you ask me, Mark Consuelos is welcome to step into Ryan Seacrest's shoes whenever Kelly Ripa's usual co-host can't make it to a taping!

Of course, Mark Consuelos is likely to be busy with Riverdale when that show returns with a new season on The CW, although Riverdale became a bit of a family affair in Season 3. Kelly Ripa joined her husband on screen to play his character's mistress, and their son actually played a younger version of Consuelos' character for a flashback episode. Can Lola land a character next? Nothing is ever too weird for Riverdale, really.

We'll have to wait and see. While Mark Consuelos presumably won't be back as Hiram Lodge until Riverdale returns for Season 4 in the fall, Kelly Ripa can be found during the days on ABC's Live with Kelly and Ryan. Her regular co-host will undoubtedly be back and delivering his half of the banter, but at least fans got some fun out of Consuelos subbing for him. For some additional viewing options in the not-too-distant future, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

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