Totally Game Series 2 Trailer Features Call Of Duty Star Power And A Release Date

After a successful first season and a brief hiatus, Totally Game is returning for Series 2 later this month, and it looks even better than the first go around. Thankfully you don’t have to take my word for it though. The folks behind the short form documentary series just dropped the first trailer today, and it looks like a ton of fun. You can check out the promo spot that runs just shy of 90 seconds below…

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For those of you who missed out on the first season (you can catch up here), the ten episode run chronicled different micro-stories from the gaming community. We got everything from a dude with more than forty arcade games in his basement to a 78-year-old competitive gamer to a guy who lost his eye and transformed into Reinhardt from Overwatch to win cosplay contests and find new purpose in his life.

We don’t know everything that’s coming with the new season yet, but the information we do have is really enticing. An episode is going to follow Jeff Leach, who voices Ghost in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Another is going to follow a nonbinary Mortal Kombat player, and later on, there’s apparently one focusing on a guy who quit his six figure salary job to play Super Smash Brothers full-time.

Most importantly for the CinemaBlend audience, however, there’s also going to be a profile on a parkour dude who recreates a bunch of the Peter Parker stunts from Marvel’s Spider-man. His name is Ronnie Shalvis, and I can’t wait to watch him go to work and get weird.

There has been much made over the past ten years or so about what’s a television show and what’s a streaming show and what’s a movie and what’s a made for TV movie. All of these previous definitions have been upended, but in the wake of all this chaos, there has been a chance for short-form content to thrive in a way it never has before. The idea of creating short-form documentaries about the gaming community wouldn’t have made sense before, but now it fits in perfectly on social media platforms and even hosted content on websites from the creators themselves.

Totally Game will officially hit Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, Games Radar, PC Gamer and more of our gaming-related sister websites under the Future umbrella on October 28th.

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