When Game Of Thrones Vet Maisie Williams' Follow-Up TV Show Will Be Available To Stream In U.S.

For nearly a decade, Maisie Williams was a beloved standout in one of the biggest shows of the modern age with HBO's Game of Thrones. Fans likely won't be seeing her Arya Stark return to the small screen in any capacity in the near future, but Williams herself has definitely kept busy since the fantasy epic finished filming. Case in point: U.S. audiences will soon get to see the actress' first big live-action follow-up series Two Weeks to Live, which has been swooped up by HBO Max for a November streaming debut.

HBO Max officially announced that Two Weeks to Live, which also boasts Fleabag star Sian Clifford, will be available to stream on Friday, November 5, with all six episodes dropping at once. It definitely makes sense that the powers that be at HBO would want to keep their relationship with the Emmy-nominated Maisie Williams going, even if HBO Max will only be the show's U.S. streaming home, as opposed to having produced the show directly.

For those unaware of the plot, Two Weeks to Live is a miniseries centering on Maisie Williams' impulsive misfit Kim Noakes and her overprotective mother Tina, played by Sian Clifford. The two have lived much of their lives as survivalists outside of the hustle and bustle of society at large, with Kim being raised to believe that the fantastical "end of days" is imminent. After a practical joke involving a fake video goes very wrong, Kim teams up with two brothers – Mawaan Rizwan's Nicky and Taheen Modak's Jay – and goes out on a quest to get revenge on the man who murdered her father when she was younger. As you might imagine, it isn't exactly a goal that Tina is 100% okay with.

The series, which also stars the upcoming David Bowie biopic's Jason Flemyng and Gotham vet Sean Pertwee, first premiered in the UK on Sky TV in early September, and only just finished airing on October 7. For it to already be coming stateside through HBO Max is pretty awesome, since it can sometimes take many months before TV imports debut on U.S. networks and/or streaming services.

Thankfully, Two Weeks to Live was received quite warmly by critics and viewers upon its initial release, so there's a good shot many people in the U.S. will be just as interested in watching. Plus, both Maisie Williams and Sian Clifford are excellent enough to keep even so-so projects above the pass-fail line. (Maybe not so much for New Mutants, but still.)

Check out the full Two Weeks to Live trailer below to see Maisie Williams in action with an itchy trigger finger.

Maisie Williams started off 2020 with a brilliant Audi Super Bowl commercial singing Frozen's "Let It Go," weirdly enough. She was also in a much darker project by way of the horror-thriller The Owners, which was released in a limited capacity in early September.

Don't forget to tune into HBO Max on Friday, November 5, for the six-episode debut of Two Weeks to Live. While waiting to hear what Maisie Williams will be getting into next in her career, head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule.

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