Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Sings Frozen Hit In Super Bowl Ad We Didn't Know We Wanted

maisie williams let it go audi super bowl ad

The 2020 Super Bowl is only days away, but that doesn't mean all companies are waiting until Sunday to release their biggest commercials with the biggest stars. Audi broke out a former Game of Thrones star for an ad. Instead of leaning on Maisie Williams' Game of Thrones connection like Doritos did with Peter Dinklage's Super Bowl ad in 2018, Audi went full Frozen with Williams belting "Let It Go" while driving.

We didn't know we wanted this ad until we saw it, so check it out for yourself:

Forget Ed Sheeran! Maybe Maisie Williams should have been the one singing on Game of Thrones. Was Williams singing to prospective Audi buyers in this ad, or Game of Thrones fans who are still hotly debating the merits of the series finale? It may be a while before Game of Thrones fans fully let go of that final season, but a bear gas station sign and an inflatable man singing Frozen's breakout hit are certainly distracting from anything else you might have on your mind!

At the very least, this commercial probably guarantees that "Let It Go" will be stuck in heads again. Who needs "Into The Unknown" anyway? Audi went with Maisie Williams and Frozen to hype the fully electric Audi e-tron Sportback model. The connection to the song? Well, the description of the commercial states that "embracing the future starts with letting go of the past."

Audi certainly seems to have made a good call in posting the Super Bowl commercial online ahead of the big game. At the time of writing, the ad has accumulated more than 2.3 million views. That's not going to translate to 2.3 million Audi e-tron Sportback sales, but a whole lot of people who may have only known Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones have seen a new side of the actress, and that number with increase with the Super Bowl broadcast.

How will Maisie Williams' Super Bowl commercial compare to others? Well, Mountain Dew's Super Bowl ad went full Shining with Bryan Cranston, but I say it's still not nearly as creepy as the company's puppy-monkey-baby Super Bowl commercial from a few years back. Pringles went for Rick and Morty in 2020, whereas Mr. Peanut went ahead and killed off its longtime mascot, although that ad campaign was tweaked in the wake of Kobe Bryant's death.

Since the Super Bowl's most heartwarming ad released so far has been about dog cancer and another highlight has been about Sonic the Hedgehog, viewers may want to expect the unexpected from the 2020 broadcast. Ads to air during the Super Bowl are super expensive, so it's important to be memorable! See all the commercials the Super Bowl has to offer (and some football) on Sunday, February 2 on Fox.

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