Lori Loughlin Has Been Released From Prison After Her Part In The College Admissions Scandal

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After two months of being behind bars for the college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin has been released from prison. The actress, who made headlines for paying $500,000 to get her daughters into USC under false pretenses, is back out in the world, though it remains to be seen how the scandal will impact her legacy.

Per the details known about her imprisonment, it appears Lori Loughlin served the full two months of the sentence she was given. Deadline reported that her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, is still in prison and will remain there, as he was sentenced to five months in prison. Though her incarcerated time is up, Loughlin was also made to pay a fine of $150,000 fine and serve 150 hours of community service.

As far as what lies ahead for the actress beyond the rest of her punishment, that is currently unknown. Actress Felicity Huffman was also a part of the college admissions scandal, and so far, has landed a starring role on an ABC project that received a hefty pilot production commitment. It's hard to say whether or not Loughlin, who had roles in many series before the scandal, will be able to continue to forge her path in television following her release from prison.

It is worth mentioning that during Lori Loughlin's time in prison, the creator of her Hallmark series When Calls The Heart, Brian Bird, hinted (via Good Housekeeping) that she would be welcomed back on the show to portray her character, Abigail Stanton. The actress was also recently mentioned by Fuller House actress Candace Cameron Bure, who said it was nice to feel her presence via notes and flowers she sent ahead of the Netflix original's series finale.

Given these comments, and the fact that Felicity Huffman still seems able to find work in Hollywood, the chances seem more positive than not that Lori Loughlin will be a part of the television world once again. With that being said, it's unclear what the actress' thoughts are on a comeback of any sort, and whether she'll be wanting to do that soon (if at all), following the scandal and her imprisonment.

There's also something to be said for the court of public opinion, and how television viewers nationwide will feel about Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and others potentially being welcomed back into the spotlight with open arms. There is no shortage of people upset on the internet that the actress is already out of prison for committing a federal crime, and making comparisons to others who served longer and harsher sentences for much lesser crimes. Only time will tell as to how the scandal will stick with both actresses after their release, and whether the misdeeds will haunt all future prospects the two have in television.

CinemaBlend will be following the situation with Lori Loughlin and any career moves she may make following her release from prison. Stick with us for more on that, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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