Why One Minor WandaVision Detail Could Have Major Implications For The MCU

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WandaVision's fourth episode, "We Interrupt This Program," revealed a lot about what's happening in the popular Disney+ series. With all the obvious reveals that audiences witnessed, the Disney+ series seemingly slide a somewhat minor confirmation that could have major implications for the MCU right under our noses. It appears as if changes made to things in Wanda's world remain intact when they return to outside reality.

This notion first caught my attention when S.W.O.R.D.'s Agent Franklin went through the sewers in an attempt to infiltrate the reality. When the agent crawled through the energy field barrier, his clothing changed to that of a beekeeper, and the steel cable attached to his suit fell off and turned into a jump rope. When S.W.O.R.D. agents attempted to reel him back in, all they managed to find on the end of the line was the multi-colored jump rope, with the red handle still glitching.

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The moment was one instance that seemingly confirmed that objects transformed within Wanda's reality remain that way outside of it. Obviously, that kind of reveal has interesting prospects for how this could play out through the rest of WandaVision, since it appears that anything within Wanda's reality inside the bubble can remain just as real elsewhere.

At least, this would be true when it comes to objects and appearances. When Wanda launched Monica Rambeau out of the reality, WandaVision showed the character was still wearing the same clothes and rocking the same hairstyle she had in there. With that said, it's not fully clear how much of her personality and physiology had changed. In saying Wanda was to blame for all of it, it seems like she had returned to her S.W.O.R.D.-based mindset, and it's likely she'll recover without believing that she's still "Geraldine." But there could very well be permanent changes. And it wouldn't be a coincidence if being blasted by Wanda leads to Monica taking on her super-powered Spectrum moniker that we know from the comics. We'll have to wait and see.

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Why is this important for WandaVision's remaining five episodes? To begin with, we need to remember that Vision, while a highly intelligent and lovable android, could technically classify as an object more than an organic human with dangly bits. This means that if he were to leave Wanda's reality, there's a chance he could not only come back to "life," as it were, but as the personality-heavy Vision that came about as the result of the Mind Stone merge. Granted, he also may just go back to being proto-Vision without the personality changes. So long as he doesn't look as horrifying as Corpse Vision, I'm good with it.

Vision's return could obviously be pretty big for the MCU, but perhaps not as big as Wanda's twin sons Tommy and Billy potentially maintaining their existence upon leaving the WandaVision bubble. I know that's a bit silly to speculate after some of what was gone over above, but these two characters – who could eventually have major roles in the MCU's future – are unique, considering they were born inside the universe. (Assuming that's even the case, since their birth was very sitcom-sanitary.) All I'm saying is that we know altered objects can maintain their bubble properties once exiting this reality, so we should be open to the idea that Wanda's constructed reality is more real, more meaningful, and possibly more dangerous than we may currently assume.

With that being said, there are a ton of theories floating around about WandaVision at the moment, including one that she's using cosmic radiation and may unintentionally create the Fantastic Four. This tangled web I'm weaving here could be proven true with game-changing reveal, or it could eventually be proven as the stark-raving ramblings of a fool who once wrote an elaborate piece about the rats in a Stranger Things trailer. In any case, I think it's worth keeping an eye on, especially as folks continue to develop more ideas about where this show is heading.

WandaVision airs new episodes Fridays on Disney+. The staff here at CinemaBlend have been just silly with speculation on the Marvel series, so be sure to read up on what some of us are loving about the show so far and other theories about where this series is headed.

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