NCIS: New Orleans Might Change Pride's Life Forever With Key Character's Final Season Return

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The end is nigh for NCIS: New Orleans with the upcoming close of the shorter-than-usual seventh and final season, but the CBS show isn't going to wrap without bringing back a character who could turn Pride's life upside down. None other than Callie Thorne is returning to NCIS: NOLA before the final credits roll to reprise her role as Sasha Broussard, and it could be game-changing.

Callie Thorne is returning as Sasha Broussard to "drop a bombshell" that could change Pride's life forever, according to TVLine. Assuming the "bombshell" is figurative rather than a literal bomb, there are a lot of ways that Sasha could turn parts of his life upside down. For one thing, the latest episode delivered a twist that resulted in Pride engaged to Rita.

Call me a pessimist, but the promise of a life-changing "bombshell" shortly after Pride got engaged leaves me feeling nervous for the happy couple. Sasha isn't the biggest villain that NCIS: New Orleans has ever introduced, but she could certainly be a wild card. Callie Thorne debuted as Sasha Broussard all the way back in the first half of the very first season of the show as part of the Broussard crime family in New Orleans, and she would go on to return twice more in Season 1.

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Sasha went to jail for her crimes, but she hasn't stayed there. In Season 6, she managed to secure an early release from prison by bargaining her valuable information with Pride. It seems that NCIS: New Orleans will yield some answers about her and her movements after that episode before the show ends for good in the spring.

That said, Callie Thorne's return as Sasha already being teased as involving a bombshell that could change Pride's life forever actually leads me to suspect that whatever she does isn't going to stick if it's bad. After the substantial losses that this NCIS team has dealt with over the years, I think they have earned as much of a happy ending as is possible.

Then again, no NCIS series had ever been cancelled before NCIS: NOLA, so there's no precedent for an NCIS show getting a happy or unhappy ending. The original NCIS is still going (for now) in Season 18, while NCIS: Los Angeles has managed to hold on to almost the exact same core cast for all 12 seasons so far. CBS hasn't announced a decision for either show beyond the current season. For now, NOLA is the only one to get the axe, and CBS is reportedly already developing another show for the franchise.

There are no details just yet as to when Callie Thorne's return episode of NCIS: New Orleans will debut, but Season 7 returns with its next new episode on Sunday, March 21 on CBS. Fans will only have to wait for word on the futures of NCIS and NCIS: LA. The renewal odds of NCIS may depend entirely on what Mark Harmon decides about Gibbs' future, but only time will tell what CBS has in mind for these series.

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