How NCIS: New Orleans Will Continue Dealing With LaSalle’s Death

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NCIS: New Orleans sent shockwaves through its fanbase in Season 6 with the death of Christopher LaSalle. The unexpected twist dished out late last year ushered in the departure of Lucas Black, who subsequently said goodbye. Reverberations from LaSalle’s death have been felt, and Necar Zadegan (Hannah) teased how they will continue to be.

Fans were not pleased when NCIS: New Orleans killed off LaSalle following a dramatic storyline that saw him seeking justice for his slain brother, Cade. LaSalle’s death came after he had made it out of surgery to repair the damage done by a barrage of bullets. His vital signs unexpectedly dropped, and LaSalle succumbed to his injuries.

From there, NCIS: New Orleans has spent the rest of the season dealing with the aftermath of LaSalle’s death and honoring him. What about moving forward? The show ended its sixth season last night with an impromptu finale due to the early end of the TV season. Asked how the team would be handling LaSalle’s passing moving forward, Necar Zadegan told TV Insider:

It definitely left a hole in the story with regards to his character because his character was an original and a beloved character for the show and a lot of the story was built around him. Which, because of all those reasons, actually gives an opportunity to make great drama because a loss like that is important and so the writers were smart to build stories around it.

It is one way to help bring closure to an open wound. Since LaSalle’s passing, NCIS: New Orleans has kept him as a focus. Following the death of a major character can be a show’s trickiest task. Fans still feeling the emotional toll of it can attest to how NCIS: New Orleans has handled the aftermath of losing LaSalle.

One of the storylines that the CBS drama featured involved an imposter assuming the identity of LaSalle, thus providing an opportunity for NCIS: New Orleans to delve into the characters’ feelings surrounding LaSalle’s passing. The show also cast The Original’s Charles Michael Davis to fill the spot on the team left by LaSalle, as Necar Zadegan pointed out, saying:

That particular story that you're talking about gave an opportunity for the ghost of LaSalle to really, really take a role instead of just being missed in their hearts. We were able to see how he was really missed also just in the dynamic between the characters. We have Carter now to fill that void and build a new story within that. So great drama can be made from these types of losses as well.

It sounds like the fallout surrounding LaSalle’s death will continue to be dealt with, even as a new NCIS: New Orleans star has joined the show. Charles Michael Davis, who joined the cast as Special Agent Quentin Carter, had previously spoken about what it has been like to replace LaSalle following his exit.

Fans are still waiting for NCIS: New Orleans to get renewed for a seventh season. If it does, they can, arguably, count on seeing more unfold on a LaSalle-related front. Would the previously planned season finale have seen a LaSalle-centric bit of action?

Time will tell. Fans may find out if and when the show returns, following the early season end, soon. If NCIS: New Orleans returns (despite those previous ratings issues), it will be for a seventh season and its first without LaSalle.

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