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Why Some Real Housewives Of Atlanta Fans Think Porsha Williams Could Quit The Show

Porsha Williams during an interview on The Real Housewives of Atlanta
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Real Housewives of Atlanta has only a few episodes left in Season 13, yet fans are already looking ahead to the future. The drama this season is heavily focused on Porsha Williams, without a doubt: her Black Lives Matter activism, her on-again off-again relationship with Dennis McKinley and Strippergate. But fans of the show are speculating and interpreting clues that seem to indicate that Williams might quit the franchise for good.

Porsha Williams’ vague posts and ominous social media changes are the biggest worry for the fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta that she will quit. One of her Instagram posts in question shows Williams lying on a couch with a caption that talks of making “a move” and “learning the lessons.” Possibly, Williams is simply speaking in general or aspirational terms. Fans, however, immediately saw it as a sign of Williams’ impending resignation from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. One fan wrote on the post:

please don’t let these heffas win! Stay on RHOA at least one more season! Many are rooting for you! You’re scaring us with these subliminal messages

Some were pleading in Porsha Williams’ post “don't leave.” Others were intent that The Real Housewives of Atlanta wouldn't be the same without Williams, saying:

You have been CARRYING this season without you they WOULDN'T have a storyline this season.

Another post of Porsha Williams, this time on Twitter but in the same photo arrangement, had given fans pause to wonder if Williams was thinking of leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta after nine seasons. The caption reads only “Deuces,” but it was enough to have fans thinking she meant it toward the franchise. Fans were even seen sending Williams off, such as in this post:

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Many fans are under the impression that the vague indications of quitting from Porsha Williams are due to the season's main scandal: Strippergate. Williams has been under intense scrutiny for being the supposed housewife who slept with Bolo the stripper at the bachelorette party of franchise co-star Cynthia Bailey. The scandal allegedly even had friend of the show Tanya Sams fleeing to her home in Canada.

One fan even claimed that on the February 28 airing of the episode about Strippergate, Porsha Williams took the moniker of RHOA out of her bios on every one of her social media accounts. Real Housewives of Atlanta superfan Justin Diego, with a YouTube following of over 200,000 subscribers, also speculated that Williams was quitting for these very same reasons in his over 10-minute-long video.

Now changing bios and posting pics on Instagram is not the same as announcing your final season. But Porsha Williams is facing a huge backlash for her alleged tryst with the stripper by fellow castmate Kenya Moore and even spectators of the show. Maybe it's not worth it for the reality star, whose life is now changed by being a mother and political activist, to be entangled in scurrilous and damaging gossip.

Likely, Porsha Williams’ contract with Bravo stipulates that such matters are off limits until the end of the season. So here's hoping that Andy Cohen asks the hard-hitting questions come the reunion.

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