Cobra Kai Actor Thought Their Role Was A One-And-Done Before Season 3 Return

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Cobra Kai Season 3 was chock full of unexpected surprises, though some were more celebrated than others. One of the under-celebrated returns of Season 3 was actor Ed Asner, who made his return from Season 1 as Johnny Lawrence's vile step-father Sid Weinberg. And as it so happens, the veteran actor was quite surprised he returned.

Asner, who at 91 has appeared in many television and movies over the years, recently spoke about the honor of returning to Cobra Kai Season 3. The actor told TV Insider how he originally saw his role and what he loves about the series:

I did the first season and third. I thought it was another pedestrian job. Get in and get out, do the best I can, and I’ll see ya. They brought me in for season three. Then to see the fan reaction to appearing in Cobra Kai. I just want to be in things that people can still crow about.

Johnny stuck it to his stepfather in Season 1 when he repaid him the loan offered for the dojo, but Cobra Kai Season 3 sent Johnny back to Sid hat in hand. Johnny asked Sid for money to help fund Miguel's surgery and, when his stepfather gave him a hard time, he threatened to expose a past incident he had with a secretary. Sid wasn't phased by the threat and sent his stepson packing without a dime. Ultimately, Johnny got the last laugh, though, and stole an item from Sid's house on his way out to fund Miguel's surgery.

Unfortunately, Ed Asner did not tease whether or not his character would return for Cobra Kai Season 4, but Johnny's theft does present an opportunity. Sid's overall disdain for Johnny could result in legal consequences for the sensei, which would obviously affect the training for the All-Valley tournament. Johnny has already had enough legal trouble in Cobra Kai, so one has to wonder if an incident like that would be enough to send him away for a while.

The current plan for Cobra Kai Season 4 is unknown, though Season 3 revealed the stakes for the upcoming All-Valley tournament. The loser of the All-Valley tournament must disband their dojo, which may be why Johnny and Daniel decided to join forces at the end of the season. It's also likely why John Kreese placed a call to an unknown friend, one who might help him even the odds against the all-star duo. Current speculation has been that he was on the phone with Terry Silver, though there's a possibility past villain Mike Barnes could be headed this way, too.

Cobra Kai Seasons 1-3 are currently available to stream on Netflix. Let us know if you'd like to see Ed Asner return in Season 4 in our poll, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on Season 4 and when to expect its arrival.

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