Supergirl Left Out A Key Alex Scene, And Fans Are Pissed

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Supergirl episode "A Few Good Women." Read at your own risk!

The Supergirl team had to go without Kara in its latest episode as the hero is still trapped in the Phantom Zone with no clear escape route just yet. As the previous episode teased, that meant the world would have to go without Supergirl, and Alex would have to tell Kelly about her sister's secret identity.

It was a moment that apparently a good chunk of fans were hoping to see in "A Few Good Women" because many were pissed after the episode when it became clear that the reveal happened entirely offscreen. With Kelly as one of the few relevant characters who had remained out of the loop on Kara, many fans felt they were robbed of a moment that they assumed they would see after the premiere.

It was really weird because the Season 6 premiere did have the characters make a big deal to Alex about how Kelly wasn't in the know that Kara is Supergirl. J'onn and Lena laid into Alex and informed her that while it may have been fine in the past, Alex needed Kelly to know in order to give her significant other support during this devastating time. Fans were upset they didn't see that development or meaningful conversation and instead were shown other things like Lex's trial.

It should be noted for the more casual Supergirl audience that while this moment may seem small, Kelly hasn't known Supergirl's identity for a couple of seasons now. This would've been a big resolution and moment for Kelly. Instead, fans got more William, and apparently, the internet fandom isn't too big on him.

Supergirl viewers are so upset about missing out on this big moment between Alex and Kelly that they're turning to others who aren't directly involved in the show for help. There are calls for fan fiction, so maybe the real writing staff will have to answer for this sometime down the line.

Personally, I do wonder how the scene for Alex and Kelly somehow didn't happen. Clearly, the Supergirl premiere set the stage for the reveal, but perhaps there's a scene that was cut at the last minute, or was unable to be filmed due to COVID protocols and scheduling? It's certainly a stain on a Season 6 that got off to a strong start, though ultimately if this is the worst misstep the series takes in its final season, fans should consider themselves lucky.

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