Supergirl Actress Makes Arrowverse History With The Final Season


Season 5 of The CW’s Supergirl was pretty much forced to wrap up and leave viewers hanging due to the pandemic. Not to worry though, as Season 6 is full steam ahead -- it just was not one of the Arrowverse series to get a release at the very beginning of this year. We may have been left in the wind as Season 5 wrapped up, but Season 6 should satisfy a lot of our questions as it will be the last season for Supergirl. Even though a release date for Season 6 has not yet been confirmed, filming has started and one Supergirl star will make Arrowverse history.

According to Deadline, actress Azie Tesfai, who plays Kelly Olsen in Supergirl, had a major hand in writing an episode of the last season of Supergirl. While it is not uncommon for series regular actors to throw their talents toward writing or directing episodes of their shows, this is a first for any show created by Greg Berlanti, who is basically the DC Arrowverse’s big daddy.

Azie Tesfai joined the show in the second half of Supergirl’s Season 4 and has been a series regular. Producers on the show sing Tesfai’s praises on her acting talents, and now her writing chops, with executive producer Sarah Schechter saying:

Azie has been an integral part of Supergirl for the past two seasons and when she expressed a desire to write this episode we were thrilled. We couldn’t be more excited or proud. She’s deeply talented and her perspective is a welcome addition.

Even though Azie Tesfai joined Supergirl more than halfway through the series, she’s basically a TV veteran. She has had large parts in multiple TV programs like Jane The Virgin and Wicked Wicked Games and has appeared in many others.

It seems her role in Supergirl has upped Azie Tesfai’s game, as it is both her longest-running TV role and her first writing credit on a series, making Arrowverse history as a star of one of the superhero shows who wrote for one as well. It will be interesting to see how her episode is received, and if any other Arrowverse stars will take the leap into the writing room in the future.

Although it is a shame that she makes her writing debut in Supergirl’s final season, if her work is as loved by viewers as it apparently is by the producers of Supergirl, perhaps it will lead to more writing work from her, or at least give her a leg up in landing any future TV star roles.

The date of Supergirl's sixth and final season premiere is yet to be determined, with April of this year as the current speculation. Once it does air, be sure to look out for Azie Tesfai’s co-written 12th episode. Even though we don’t know exactly when Supergirl will be back on your screen, a number of Arrowverse series will return this month, including The Flash and Black Lightning, so you won’t have long to wait for your Arrowverse fix.

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