How Supergirl Is Finally Bringing Cat Grant Back In The Final Season

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) looks on in Supergirl

The season premiere of Supergirl is only a few weeks away, and it’s truly a bittersweet feeling. With this being the sixth and final season, it means that with every passing week, fans will only get closer to the end of their adventures with Kara Danvers. Still, the final season is sure to be an action-packed ride filled with surprises and nostalgia. Not much is known about the season as of right now, but we’ve now learned that the show will indeed be bringing back a former character -- Cat Grant. However, the show won’t be bringing back the character in the way you might be thinking.

Cat Grant was originated by Calista Flockhart during Supergirl’s first season, and she continued the role through the third season. However, when Cat returns in Season 6, fans will see a younger version of the character in flashbacks, and she’ll be played by Eliza Helm. The younger Cat Grant is set to appear in both the fifth and sixth episodes of the season. According to EW, this Grant -- who goes by CJ -- is only in the early stage of her illustrious career:

Eager to step out of Lois Lane's shadow and out from under her boss, Perry White's thumb, Cat chases a story to Kara's hometown of Midvale. This lead won't go as planned, but it will put her on the trajectory toward the Media Powerhouse we know and love as Cat Grant.

In the event that Cat Grant ever made her return to the Arrowverse, fans were probably hoping Calista Flockhart would be the actor playing the role. The return may not be happening the way many of us expected, but you have to love that the producers were able to find a creative way to bring her back. Not only that but, with the end of Supergirl drawing near, it’s only appropriate that the final season take some time to trace the early years of some of the show’s veteran characters.

The relationship between Kara Danvers and Cat Grant is actually one of the most complex in the show’s history. At the start of the series, Grant felt a bit of ownership over Supergirl because she “branded” the new hero. All the while, Kara was serving as her personal assistant at CatCo Worldwide Media. Viewers likely wondered whether or not Cat would actually discover Kara’s identity and, in the second season finale, Grant reveals to her that she’s always known. When fans last saw Cat in Season 3, they learned that she’d been named the White House Press Secretary.

Supergirl fans likely have a long list of things they’re hoping to see during the final season, and the return of Cat Grant is sure to be one of them. With this news, one has to wonder if we can expect to see more former characters return before we say goodbye to Kara Danvers’ corner of the Arrowverse.

Supergirl Season 6 premieres March 30 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Erik Swann
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