Leonard Nimoy's Daughter Julie Nimoy Shares Kind Words About William Shatner In Support Of Spock Projects

Star Trek fans recently commemorated what would've been the 90th birthday of Leonard Nimoy, and the actor's family has done what they could to help ensure his legacy is preserved for generations to come. This includes an incredible statue called The Leonard Nimoy Memorial, which has gotten support from various Star Trek faces as of late, including William Shatner.

Though much has been made of reported tension between the two Star Trek leads over the years, a recent conversation with Julie Nimoy, the daughter of Leonard Nimoy, and her husband David Knight revealed that William Shatner has been nothing but supportive in their efforts to preserve Leonard Nimoy's legacy. I spoke to the couple about the recent Blu-ray release of their documentary Remembering Leonard Nimoy and The Leonard Nimoy Memorial, and the couple had nothing but kind words for Shatner and the help he's given them.

Julie Nimoy: I've known Bill forever but we've never had a personal relationship. My dad and he did have one for many years. But Bill's been very helpful to us on just retweeting our tweets for us and just being very, you know, supportive and he's been great to us. Really.David Knight: I mean, every time we have an event or something, either around our film, or some kind of a promotion we're doing. He's very proactive in helping us. And he really has been great. I think he really loved Leonard a lot. It's clear he respected him. And so we're always very appreciative of what he's done for us.

William Shatner made headlines when it was revealed that he did not attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral. Despite anything related to that event, Julie Nimoy remains grateful for Shatner, who recently acknowledged the anniversary of Nimoy's death on Twitter.

William Shatner has not been the only prominent supporter of The Leonard Nimoy Memorial either, as the couple mentioned fellow Star Trek alum George Takei and The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik as strong supporters of their efforts. The Leonard Nimoy Memorial statue will be a 20-foot hand statue of the iconic Vulcan Salute and is currently at 2% of its $1,000,000 fundraising goal. Donations are currently being accepted on the Museum of Science website.

While there's a long way for the project to go, I'm sure the continued support of William Shatner, other Star Trek actors, and fans of the franchise will eventually bring this wonderful tribute to his life for future generations to enjoy. The same can be said of Julie Nimoy and David Knight's Remembering Leonard Nimoy, which captures the scope of the actor's entire life, both personal and professional, and his struggles with COPD.

Amazon Prime members can currently stream the documentary Remembering Leonard Nimoy, and others can currently purchase a physical Blu-ray on the LLAP website. For more on Star Trek and Spock, be sure to read up on how Nimoy's son Adam paid tribute to his father on his 90th birthday.

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