How The Resident Plans To Fill The Void After That Big Character Exit

Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, Manish Dayal, Tasso Feldman, Michael Hogan, Denitra Isler, Bruce Greenwood, Jane Leeves and Shaunette Reneé Wilson in The Resident.

Spoilers ahead for The Resident Season 4, Episode 10 "Into the Unknown."

In this week’s episode of The Resident, fans and Chastain Park Memorial staff said goodbye to beloved surgeon Mina Okafor as she went back to Nigeria. Now that The Resident has lost a key member, who will be replacing her? Executive producer Andrew Chapman recently talked about how that void will be filled.

Shaunette Reneé Wilson portrayed Mina Okafor since the very first episode of The Resident. Her dynamic with her fellow Chastain colleagues, as well as her passion and talent for surgery quickly made her a fan favorite. Now that she’s left the series, The Resident will be down one major character. Though I hope you weren't expecting Chastain to get a new doctor so quickly as a replacement. Instead of bringing on a new character, already-established characters who are lesser-known will actually be brought into the mix. Andrew Chapman told TVLine that there will be new elements brought onto the show and the additions won’t be replacements. Chapman explained:

Because we knew Mina was leaving from early on, one of the things we did was look for people to bring into Chastain who are not replacements, but are additions to the cast who will be fun to watch and will… bring new elements into the show. We were handed lemons with [Wilson] leaving, but we looked to make lemonade.

The recent additions of Jessica Lucas’ Billie and Anuja Joshi’s Leela will have a bigger presence in the series moving forward. As Billie is restarting her surgical career following a tragic error in the operating room years ago, resulting in getting a very cold shoulder from Conrad when she first visited Nic after her incident, Leela is a surgical intern who has been getting closer to mentor Devon.

With the two characters having relationships with some of the main characters, it will be interesting to see how the season progresses, as well as how their backstories will come into play -- especially since Conrad is still on the fence about Billie, only mostly accepting her because of how close she is with Nic. While Billie and Leela’s storylines are only getting bigger from here on out, Andrew Chapman’s hopes for them in the future rely on just one factor:

[Both characters] are going to have big storylines going forward for the rest of the season. And, knock on wood, we get picked up for a fifth season, they will have big storylines in Season 5.

Even though Mina will never be able to be replaced, seeing more of Billie and Leela will be a great way to fill the void. Already Leela has proven herself to be a great surgical intern, and her relationship with Devon will be one to watch closely. Meanwhile, Billie’s not only restarting her surgical career but also trying to start fresh with Conrad after a poor judgement call for one of his patients.

Moving forward, what are your hopes for Billie and Leela’s storylines? The Resident airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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