Blake Shelton Dancing To Mega Mentor Snoop Dogg's Music On The Voice Is, Well, Something

blake shelton wearing snoop dogg jacket on the voice
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You know how every once in a while you see a metaphorical train wreck that's so distinct and unexpected and mind-boggling that you take a second pass just to get a better look at the chaos? That basically sums up what's happening here, with The Voice coach Blake Shelton gifting fans another look at his make-you-jealous dance skills set to the tune of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot."

While Blake Shelton may have dropped this Voice video clip on his Instagram page, I think we can all agree that it wasn't because it was "hot." Or perhaps it was hot in the sense of how a dumpster fire is hot, but still totally watchable in a baffling way. Check out the video below of Shelton's fanciful footwork backstage.

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With Snoop Dogg in the building, you just know things are going to get a little crazy. Anybody who watched the rapper serving as the emcee of Triller's most recent MMA pay-per-view can attest to that, seeing as how he started it off by getting stoned with Jaleel "Steve Urkel" White, and then proceeded to keep blazing throughout the four-hour event. (And still didn't mess up anything during his live performance later in the evening.) While we can't make any of the exact same assumptions about Snoop Dogg's high-brow efforts on The Voice, Blake Shelton certainly seems like he's on some kind of level when those dance moves come out. I mean, it's definitely a "dad picking you up from school in his bathrobe" kind of level.

Obviously, Blake Shelton is 100% aware of how goofy he looks in the video, performing a dance I can only refer to as "backwards Moonwalking through molasses using someone else's legs." And then there's the hip thrusts. All. Those. Hip. Thrusts.

Understandably, Blake Shelton looks most natural when he dips into some line-dancing and heel-touching. He might be wearing a bangin' Snoop Dogg Doggystyle jacket up top, but down below he's all denim and cowboy boots. Those boots were made for dad-dancing, and that's just what they'll do, and no amount of tough love is going to convince them otherwise.

While Snoop Dogg might not have been The Voice fandom's first guess for who would serve as the Mega Mentor in Season 20, the rap legend has been quite a unique entry into the show. He's obviously not able to pull off the same kind of vocal instructions as, say, John Legend or Nick Jonas, but he absolutely knows what it takes to entertain crowds even without jaw-dropping high notes and vibrato. I mean, clearly his effortlessly cool vibes are having a weird effect on Blake Shelton, but maybe by the end of the season, the country star will leave The Voice to become the fifth member of the supergroup Mt. Westmore alongside Snoop, E-40, Too $hort, and Ice Cube. Or not. Definitely not.

Now I'm really, really hoping for The Voice to somehow bring a Gene Kelly hologram in for the next Mega Mentor in Season 21, so that we can watch Blake Shelton putting on an impromptu Singin' in the Rain dance number. Until then, though, be sure to keep watching the post-Knockout episodes, airing Monday nights on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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