How The Flash Just Set Up Cisco's Departure

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash episode "Timeless." Read at your own risk!

The Flash will say goodbye to actor Carlos Valdes at the end of the season, so it comes as no surprise that the tease to the character's exit came soon after news broke of his departure. The CW series seemingly revealed how one of its OG actors will move on from Team Flash in its latest episode, and assuming this is the story that will see him leave, Cisco's skipping town involves a girl.

Specifically, it appears that part of Cisco's motivation for leaving Central City is tied to his girlfriend, Kamilla. She revealed earlier in the episode that her photos have gotten noticed by a place out in San Francisco, and she thought about leaving the city to be there. The news didn't exactly sit well with Cisco, though that wasn't to say he was angry. The character was wrestling with something internally, but we didn't really hear it vocalized until he had a talk with an old friend.

After a crazy episode that not only revealed Barry and Iris as the "parents" of the new Forces but also saw the couple bring Alexa Rivera (Fuerza) back to life, Cisco met up with Timeless Wells. Though Cisco never had a relationship with the actual Harrison Wells, the OG Wells now has the essence of the Wells of the past all within him and retained their memories. The two had a pleasant conversation that ended in Wells telling Cisco he had to return to where his heart was.

The moment clearly had an effect on Cisco, who ran into Kamilla soon after and announced he had some important news. In a strange coincidence, she did too, so the two blurted out that they had to leave Central City at the same time. Both were thrilled to find out they were on the same page, and just like that, it seems fans witnessed the beginning of the end of the character's run. The good news is that the door will remain open for future guest appearances should Carlos Valdes so choose.

I've mostly come to terms with Cisco's exit from The Flash, but with as weird as this season has been, I'm a little nervous about how it will go down. The fact that Cisco announced his plan well before the season's end has me on edge. If Cisco's going to peace out before the end of the season, that's fine, but if he made plans and will head out after the Speed Force is stopped? That's just a major character death waiting to happen, and one that would absolutely rip my heart out.

Hopefully, The Flash will give Cisco Ramon the sendoff the character deserves and one that's satisfying to fans as well. Catch new episodes on The CW Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET, and be sure to read up on some of the other surprising things set to happen before the season's end.

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