After Jeopardy Hosting Gig, Star Trek's LeVar Burton Landed Another Perfectly Suited TV Role

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At this point in his career, LeVar Burton is an entertainment legend, having been a part of iconic productions like Roots, Star Trek and Reading Rainbow. He’s also about to dive back into the world of TV hosting, as he’ll finally serve as a guest host on Jeopardy!. The new gig is sure to be exciting for the many fans who have been passionately campaigning for him to get the job permanently. But now, Burton has landed another acting job that will follow his stint on the iconic game show. And needless to say, it’s a pretty perfect fit for the veteran actor.

LeVar Burton’s career is so deeply linked to reading and literature, so it seems fitting that he would join a franchise that’s based on a popular book series. Per Deadline, Burton is officially joining the cast of proposed Nancy Drew spinoff Tom Swift, which is currently in development at The CW. Swift (played by Tian Richards) will debut in an upcoming Nancy Drew episode, which will serve as a backdoor pilot for the show.

In the upcoming episode, LeVar Burton will join Tian Richards’ Tom Swift by voicing Swift’s trusty AI and mentor, Barclay. According to the character description provided by the trade, Tom created Barclay when he was only eight years old, and the AI has been with the young man ever since. Barclay can also be transferred to Tom’s various devices, including his laptop, tablet, stopwatch and even the screen in his car. Interestingly enough, it sounds like Barclay will also have an emotional journey of his own to take.

Whoever suggested casting LeVar Burton as an artificial intelligence that provides trivial facts should be given a raise. There couldn’t be a better role for Burton and, in a way, it actually brings his career full circle.

As you can see, LeVar Burton is still managing to stay plenty busy these days, and he’s hoping to keep it that way. Fans aren’t the only ones who want him to take on the role of Jeopardy! host, as he’s also voiced his desire to take the job. There’s no telling when the show will announce a permanent host, but Burton certainly has plenty of support behind him.

Star Trek fans are also hoping to see him make a return to that franchise via Paramount+’s Picard. Burton has provided varying answers regarding whether he’d return as Geordi La Forge, but he has confirmed that he will not appear in Season 2.

Still, it’ll be a treat to hear LeVar Burton lend his voice to Barclay on Nancy Drew. And hopefully, the Tom Swift series pans out so that we’ll be able to get more of Burton in the role.

Nancy Drew currently airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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