Is Star Trek's LeVar Burton Still Hoping To Appear in Picard? Here's What He Said

Geordi La Forge looking shocked on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Picard has been a treat for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation thus far, as Patrick Stewart's reprisal as Jean-Luc Picard was only sweetened by the litany of other past characters who returned in Season 1. Stewart has stated the show would like to have all the principal cast appear at some point, but that obviously depends on whether former cast members like LeVar Burton are willing to return.

There have been teases in the past year that LeVar Burton would indeed reprise his role as Geordi La Forge in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard, but a recent interview with Newsweek could call that all into question. When the subject of returning as Geordi La Forge came up in the interview, the actor gave a very interesting response:

I'm really happy with where Geordi sits in my life. And even though I feel like it would be it would be fun to revisit him now and again, living in his skin every day, I don't necessarily need to go back to doing that...I'm sure that it was a big concern of Patrick's and important for him that the stories that they told had an energetic departure from Next Gen...I think they've successfully done that. And I know that for the first season, there was a strong desire to not continually have people reference back to Next Gen.

LeVar Burton's response almost sounds like a return as Geordi would be nice but not something he absolutely feels like he needs in his life. Totally understandable, though it's a little weird considering a past comment made last year in which Burton said he was up for the role and said that fans could probably expect most of the cast to return at some point. The latest comment isn't exactly a denial that he'd do it but definitely less enthusiastic.

The latest comment by LeVar Burton also flew in the face of a picture that surfaced in late February, posted by notorious nu-Trek spoiler Jonathan Frakes. Frakes posted a picture with Burton and John de Lancie, and fans immediately speculated the director teased the two would appear in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. That speculation only grew with the recent confirmation that John de Lancie would return as Q in Season 2, so what's going on?

It's possible LeVar Burton wanted to throw Star Trek fans off the trail or perhaps prevent spoilers for any fans who want a bit of mystery on what's ahead for Star Trek: Picard. There's also a chance he really won't appear in the new season, maybe he's too busy campaigning for a chance to be the next host of Jeopardy!?

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is set to air on Paramount+ in 2022. Those discouraged by LeVar Burton's comments needn't get too worried, as past Trek actors have definitely said they wouldn't return only to be confirmed for a new project not long after.

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