Michael Dorn's Worf TV Show Plan Just Got A Shining Endorsement From A Star Trek: The Next Generation Star

Michael Dorn as Worf Star Trek The Next Generation

When it comes to Star Trek television, it seems like shows are being handed out left and right. Of course, that's not actually the case because we know of at least one Star Trek actor who has pitched a show and still has yet to get it greenlit by the powers that be. Michael Dorn's Worf series may not be any closer to getting a television deal, but the series did get a glowing endorsement from Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Marina Sirtis.

Marina Sirtis, who played Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation and recently reprised her role for the Paramount+ series Picard, openly advocated for Michael Dorn to get his own Star Trek series. The actress spoke to Big Issue about Dorn's idea becoming the next spinoff, as well as why she believes he is worthy of shouldering a series:

I think personally, it should be a Worf show. First of all, he’s a really popular character. And it’s never been done before – to have it about the Klingon Empire instead of the Federation with the Klingons as like, recurring. Have it be about the Klingon Empire and how they deal with stuff. I think it would be great. And although I would hardly be in it – I think I might be in it because Michael Dorn’s my best friend – I wouldn’t mind because I think it would be a really good idea.

Marina Sirtis is all on in Michael Dorn's potential Klingon show, but unfortunately, Dorn has indicated the Star Trek producers are less than enthused. Though Alex Kurtzman has openly expressed a want to feature Worf on shows like Star Trek: Picard, it doesn't appear that there's any real want for his Klingon-centric series. As for Worf making a future appearance on Star Trek television, the actor has gone on the record to say it would have to be "worth it" for him to go through the makeup process.

Michael Dorn's impasse with Star Trek regarding future appearances and his pitched show may be upsetting to hear for fans, especially considering how much the actor has given to the franchise over the years. To date, Dorn has the most on-screen time for any Star Trek actor in the franchise, surpassing that of even Patrick Stewart and William Shatner.

That's not to say the actor should immediately get a series he's developed based solely on that, but it would be nice for both sides to sit down eventually and find some way for this passion project of Michael Dorn's to be developed in some way. Of course, the current plan is that no new Star Trek shows are developed until one of the currently existing shows is over, so Dorn may have to wait a while.

The world will have to wait and see if Michael Dorn returns to Star Trek, but in the meantime, they can watch all the best Worf episodes on Paramount+. For more on Star Trek: The Next Generation, read up on the original plan for one iconic villain and how that idea transformed into the character we now know as Lore.

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