Why Star Trek's Michael Dorn Says Working On Picard Would Have To Be 'Worth It'

Worf Michael Dorn

Star Trek has been expanding its television content in recent years, and Michael Dorn hasn't been quiet about wanting in on the action. The actor recently spoke about his idea for a Klingon-based spinoff starring his character, as well as another series he's been rumored to make an appearance on: Star Trek: Picard.

While it is the goal of Patrick Stewart and the show's producers to have all of the principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation appear in the Picard-led revival, Michael Dorn recently told TrekMovie.com that whatever role was offered to him would have to be "worth it" for him to return. Dorn talked about why that is but first revealed what's going on with a potential Star Trek: Picard appearance.

Well, let me put it this way. I have not been contacted about that. But I don’t like to say yes or no. It really depends on quite a few things. It depends on the role. It depends on how they want to present it. The one thing you have to realize is that I have to get into makeup. You are talking about three hours. For me to do that, it really has to be kind of worth it, you know what I mean? I don’t want to get in makeup and just stand around and scowl at people.

Rumors swirled back when Picard was in development that Michael Dorn was involved, to the point that CBS and others had to assure audiences he wasn't appearing. With Star Trek: Picard allegedly set to begin production on Season 2 in February, I'd have to assume that if Michael Dorn is truthful about not having talked to the team at this point, then he's not on tap to appear in the upcoming season either. Whether it's because they know the actor won't return for just any role, or they legitimately had no plans to include him is unclear.

What isn't clear to Michael Dorn is how the actor who holds the record for the most Star Trek appearances can't get a new project of his own. The actor noted that he sat down with CBS a couple of years ago to discuss his Worf series, and while there was interest in the past, it seems that interest has waned. Dorn doesn't exactly understand the thought process behind it all, but he can apparently laugh about it.

[laughs] I chuckle because sometimes I think that they are going, ‘You know, we need something on this CBS All Access.’ ‘We need somebody that’s done more Star Trek than anybody. God, who do you think?’ ‘What about Michael Dorn?’ ‘No, he’s not right.’ [laughs] I think that’s the conversation. At least I laugh about it.

It is truly shocking how a character as beloved as Michael Dorn's Worf supposedly has no upcoming appearances slated in the Star Trek universe. Of course, there's a chance that may change, and with shows like Star Trek: Lower Decks set in the TNG era of the franchise, Dorn could reprise his role as Worf without spending a minute in makeup if he didn't want to. We'll have to wait and see if the actor gets his shot to return eventually, and we hope Star Trek: Picard has an arc Dorn believes is worthy of his character.

The world will have to wait and see if Worf will return to the world of Star Trek, and subscribe to CBS All Access in the meantime for all the new Trek shows one can handle.

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