Kevin Hart And Kelly Clarkson Talk The Keys To Maintaining Success In Hollywood

Kevin Hart and Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show screenshot

Kevin Hart and Kelly Clarkson have both been in the industry for a long time -- and are celebs who can do numerous things -- so it's no surprise they might have a piece of advice or two about what it takes to maintain success in the business. In the newest episode of Peacock’s Hart to Heart, a show where the Jumanji actor has an honest and unfiltered talk with his guests, he spoke with Clarkson about her struggles as a young singer and maintaining success in Hollywood.

Kelly Clarkson is known for winning the first ever American Idol competition, which immediately skyrocketed her career, though these days she's more known for daytime TV and some viral song covers. She talked to the Peacock host about her early (and sudden) success on Hart to Heart and the two of them also discussed the keys to maintaining success in the business. Apparently, the two both feel it's all about having the friends and family who will call you out when needed:

Clarkson: But also what you’re talking about, coming out of the fog, I think you can’t be surrounded by ‘yes’ people with that. I think you have to be surrounded by people who will call you out on your shit.Hart: Well, my friends don’t like me. If you wanna know the key to success, get friends that don’t really like you. That every once and awhile you catch just looking at the side of you face, thinking, ‘I’ll punch you in the face, Kevin.’ Like, man, ‘What you thinking right now?’Clarkson: That’s what your family is for, Kevin.

Both Kevin Hart and Kelly Clarkson have been staying true to themselves and they obviously know what it takes to be successful in a business that often requires reinvention. They actually entered the industry around the same time (Hart's first movie was 2002's Paper Soldiers which came out the same year as Season 1 of Idol), so they know what it’s all about. It must be nice having someone who understands what you’re going through and understands how to keep you grounded; every now and then hearing “no” is a good thing.

Meanwhile, Kevin Hart is a busy, busy man. Not only does he have Hart to Heart, which premieres new episodes weekly on Peacock, he is also coming out with another new streaming series. Hart is working on a revival of the show he helped create, Real Husbands of Hollywood, for the BET+ streaming service. It will be a six-episode limited series and though Hart has mostly done films, this should be a good one for fans.

Kelly Clarkson is also staying busy. Between The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show, as well as her music, she doesn’t seem to be having any trouble staying focused on other things. She and Kevin Hart are two of the most successful artists and actors in the business, and a couple of the most down-to-earth celebrities. It’s clear that they know what it means to be successful and the true key to maintaining success in not only Hollywood but in relationships.

New episodes of Hart to Heart drop weekly on Peacock.

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