Dave Chappelle And Joe Rogan Talk Why Hollywood Can Really Suck But How Kevin Hart Is One Of The Nicest Guys In The Biz

Kevin Hart nicest guy in Hollywood and in Jumanji 2

When we talk about Hollywood, there’s the physical place of course, but there’s also the industry machine, a complex web of producers, writers, directors, studio heads and actors who bring us both big-budget sagas and indie films alike. But Hollywood isn’t always as G-rated as a Disney film and its personalities can be prickly or even tyrannical, though Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan recently touched on how A-lister Kevin Hart manages to break the mold.

The actor, who also produces and more, is one of the nicest guys in the business, according to Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan, who also waxed on during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience about how hard he works as well, particularly insofar as someone with his level of success has achieved. Both Chappelle and Rogan discuss how they are far lazier and have some interesting things to say about Hart and Hollywood in general.

Joe Rogan: First of all, who works harder than that guy?Dave Chappelle: Not me, fuck that.Rogan: He makes me feel lazy. He’s always co-producing some project and animating some movie and doing a voiceover of this and starring in that and doing a theater tour and he has Jumanji 5 coming out, he’s always got something happening.Chappelle: And he’s relentlessly kind. Everyone that works with him looks elated and happy. He’s not a tyrant. He’s like hanging out with a self-help book or some shit. He just makes you feel good. Hart! It’s impossible not to like him. In fact, in my mind, he’s a great case scenario that a good person can do well in life. Because there are some cynics that believe that they can’t.

Hard work and kindness apparently don’t often go hand and hand in Hollywood. While Kevin Hart does occasionally troll some of his co-stars and has dealt with cancel culture, he's generally seen as a nice guy. He isn’t literally the only nice actor/producer out there, there’s a stereotype of tough personalities in the industry for a reason. Though both Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle seem to be on the same page about why the pushy personalities manifest themselves so often in the entertainment biz.

Rogan: You can be a good person and make it. It's just the problem is that making it is usually connected to ambition which is usually connected to aggression that's usually connected to someone who's really, fiercely trying to succeed. And a lot of that is usually, in a lot of people’s eyes, at any cost. Ruthlessly trying to get through the maze of show business of life to succeed.Chappelle: Some people adopt this ruthlessness thinking, well that's how things get done. If I can't do this than I'll never make it. That's a myth.

Dave Chappelle went on to note that he heard Sylvester Stallone talking on Inside the Actor's Studio one time about how some of the best actors are “sensitive” and how some of “the greatest talent” ultimately washes out of Hollywood because they can’t hack the make-or-break experiences that go on in the industry. The comments come as stories of abuse in the industry have had a light shined on them in recent years and certain names of individuals who maybe didn’t treat people as well have found themselves ousted from the folds of power.

It’s a new world and apparently Kevin Hart is at the center of that potential sea change in the industry, if his upcoming myriad movie roles (Monopoly, Borderlands, Ride Along 3 and so on and so forth), his upcoming producing ventures (Fatherhood, Night School and so on and so forth), and his upcoming brand partnerships didn’t already give you that hint. As for Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan, they sound content to continue to produce at their own pace and to take on passion projects rather than following the money all the time.

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