How The View Is Filling Meghan McCain’s Slot (For Now) While The Show Continues Filming

The View has been known for many things during the course of its 20+ seasons, whether it be its notable guests or the heated discussions between its panelists. But viewers have also become aware of the fact that the talk show experiences frequent hosting changes. Just recently, it said goodbye to Meghan McCain, who chose to depart the series after four seasons. With an empty slot at the iconic roundtable, the ABC program has now found a replacement (or a few) to temporarily fill the void as the show continues production.

When The View kicks Season 25 (back in its studio with a live audience), the show will feature a string of guest co-hosts to fill Meghan McCain’s position. And the series has now tapped some significant names to join the fray. According to THR, premiere week will see Mia Love, a Utah congresswoman, join the panelists. She’ll then be followed by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Fox & Friends alum Gretchen Carlson, Eboni K. Williams, S.E. Cupp, Alyssa Farah, Mary Katherine Ham, Cameran Eubanks and even former HP CEO Carly Fiorina.

Longtime fans of the show will also be happy to know that Season 25 will also introduce “Flashback Fridays.” With these, The View will welcome in former panelists to rejoin the series. Former co-host Star Jones is set to kick off this new trend on September 10. But amid these guest host strategies, how is the series actually handling its hunt for a permanent replacement for McCain?

Per executive producer Brian Teta (via THR), The View is currently “taking a little time” to nail down Meghan McCain’s permanent successor. Teta did not specify whether any of the guest hosts would be in the running for the job, but one would imagine that many of them could become viable candidates should they connect with audiences.

The show hasn’t given any indication as to what kind of host it’s looking for but, considering that Meghan McCain was the sole conservative voice on the show, the producers may be looking for someone else who can provide that perspective. Over the years, the show has aimed to bring in women of different political and social backgrounds, and the producers probably want to maintain that approach.

The View’s approach to its co-host vacancy is somewhat similar to the strategy Jeopardy! has been using while trying to find a successor for the late, great Alex Trebek. Over the past year, the iconic game show has brought in a variety of celebrities to stand behind the podium, from NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts.

Although it’ll be interesting to see how The View’s new guest hosts perform, the prospect of seeing panel veterans is probably even more intriguing to audiences. The “Flashback Fridays” approach opens the door for the return of alums like Sherri Shepherd, Elisabeth Hasselback and Rosie Perez. You also can’t help but wonder if the show’s creator, Barbara Walters, would even return as a result. Yet I wouldn’t expect to see some vets like Candace Cameron Bure, who didn’t quite love her time as a panelist.

There’s not telling if The View will have its new co-host solidified before the end of Season 25. But in the meantime, viewers are sure to enjoy seeing what the guests bring to the table.

The View returns with a live season premiere on September 7 at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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