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The bonus of 30 Rock going live last night means that there were two episodes, one East Coast version and one West Coast. Since no two live shows are identical, NBC was kind enough to post both versions of the episode online. Check them out ahead!

Both episodes featured guest appearances, including Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon and former 30 Rock writer (current Community star) Donald Glover. But, as an example of something that changed fairly drastically from East Coast to West Coast, the East Coast version had a cameo of Paul McCartney, while the West Coast version saw Kim Kardashian. Check out the clips ahead…

For those who want to analyze both episodes, or see what you missed from the version that didn't air in your area, both full episodes are posted below.

East Coast:

West Coast:

You can read Nick's breakdown of the East Coast version of "Live From Studio 6H" here.

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