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30 Rock Has 11 Ethics Violations Per Episode

Sometimes the world we live in sucks. This next story would be really funny if someone compiled these figures as a joke, but something tells me Global Compliance isn’t laughing. The ethical training company has released the results of a new study that meticulously tracked the average number of workplace ethics violations per episode of various television programs, and it’s not really a big surprise who came out on top.

According to CNN, the big winner was 30 Rock, which averaged a whopping 11 ethical violations per episode. As evidence, they cite an exchange in which corporate genius Jack Donaghy claims a “chick lawyer” that handles sexual harassment presentations was “asking for it”. Apparently, that’s three right there. Equal opportunity, diversity and respect in the workplace. Good thing the best comedy on television doesn’t have more scenes with Tracy Jordan and his entourage. Those suit and tied douche bags would still be counting.

The rest of the top six was rounded out by Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, House, The Office and NCIS. It seems like The Office should have been higher, but then again, sometimes Creed disappears for long stretches.

I’d outline the rest for you, but I need to show the new intern’s Big C my Big Bang Theory. Legen—wait for it—dary.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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