Verbal Humiliation
It’s no surprise that overweight people will often have to bear the brunt of people’s insults and bullying, but you might not expect that to be the case in the one place where everyone wants the same thing: weight loss. But Hibbard says taunting is a major part of how the trainers speak to the contestants, pointing how fat they are and saying they’re going to “die before your children grow up.” One production assistant allegedly advised a contestant to start smoking, due to the appetite-curbing benefits. This text message, though, is just evil.
We’ve picked out your fat-person coffin.”

Over the Line?: “What are you, some kind of a stupid fat idiot who’s about to die?” That’s possibly how the Biggest Loser trainers would answer this one. I do understand that verbal encouragement is a good motivator, and that shaming someone, though worse, is still a motivator. But there are a thousand better ways for inspiration to be conveyed. Fat-person coffin comments need not apply.

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