The Flash and Arrow are shows that are intrinsically linked – what with sharing creators, a universe, and a network together – but they are at the same time fundamentally different shows. As a result of this, fans have made a habit of weighing the positives and negatives of each against each other, stacking pros and cons to determine which one is actually the superior program. A few days ago, my colleague Laura Hurley argued on behalf of the Battling Bowman’s long-running series, but now I’m here to explain both why and how the show about the Fastest Man Alive has outpaced its predecessor.

Cutting straight to the point, I’ve put together five arguments as to why The Flash is now a much better show than Arrow, and by the time you’re done reading, I’m sure that you’ll agree with me.

The Flash Arrow
It's Actually Fun
If there’s one key word that can define the difference between The Flash and Arrow, that word would be “fun.” The latter series was built out of the Christopher Nolan School For Comic Book Adaptation, which is absolutely legitimate, but the latter is built to reflect the beautiful and wonderful energy possessed by its lead characters. Despite the tragedies that they’ve experienced together, the Star Labs crew is a happy, smiling group that knows when it’s time to be serious and when it’s time to crack jokes and give supervillains goofy nicknames. It’s magnetic, and it’s what makes the show enjoyable to watch.

Sadly, Arrow has just become dourer as seasons go on, and the direct comparison to the tone of The Flash definitely doesn’t help things. Oliver Queen is still giving the same old lecture about not letting the darkness out and not killing, only this time it’s Thea instead of Roy, and the rage is caused by the effects of the Lazarus Pit instead of Mirakuru. Even Felicity’s smile and bright peppy attitude has disappeared under a mountain of corporate responsibility and constantly worrying about her superhero boyfriend.

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