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Could The Flash Bring In More Alternate Earths? Get The Answer

After introducing time travel in Season 1, The Flash is delving into parallel worlds for Season 2. Thanks to the singularity created in finale earlier this year, portals were opened to Earth 2, allowing people from that world to travel to Team Flash’s world, which we’ll call Earth 1. In addition to dealing with criminals from his own world, The Flash Season 2 will also see Barry Allen fighting bad guys from Earth 2. But will we see other alternate Earths in the series? Maybe, according to writer Todd Helbing, but not right away. As he put it:

Right now, I think it would be a little confusing to have Earth-17, so we’re just going to keep it at two.

One of the recurring elements this season will be metahumans from Earth 2 being sent by main antagonist Zoom to kill the Scarlet Speedster. Barry dealt with Atom Smasher in The Flash Season 2 premiere “The Man Who Saved Central City,” and in tonight’s episode “Flash of Two Worlds,” he’ll have to contend with Sand Demon. Fortunately, Earth 2 will also deliver Team Flash a new ally: Jay Garrick. As the Flash of Earth 2, Jay will not only help take down the Earth 2 menaces, but also serve as Barry’s new mentor since he’s been at the speedster game longer. Co-writer Aaron Helbing told Collider he likes how so many Earths allow for so many story options. In his words:

I love the possibility that an Earth-17 exists. We’re only in Season 2 right now, but with 52 different choices, the possibilities really are limitless.

Although multiverses allow for infinite Earths to exist, typically DC Comics has kept the amount of Earths in their stories capped at 52, their magic number. Still, that provides plenty of opportunities to introduce not just new characters, but alternate versions of faces that fans already know. Even Helbing stated that there’s plenty of later opportunities for other Earths to be possibly be featured. Helbing said:

There are a lot of fun things to explore, down the line, potentially.

One fan favorite alternate DC world that would be worth featuring is Earth Three, home of the Crime Syndicate. On that world, morality is twisted so that being evil is considered the norm while do-gooders are looked down upon. This would allow Barry to go up against his evil counterpart Johnny Quick. Who knows, maybe the multiverse is also home to the DC’s movie world and the Ezra Miller Flash, though don’t hold your breath on seeing him and Grant Gustin’s Barry team up on screen.

New episodes of The Flash air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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