The CW’s DC universe is pretty impressive. Over the three years since Arrow premiered in 2012, the universe has expanded to include sister series The Flash and upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. Both Arrow and The Flash have been huge success stories for The CW, and fans of both shows are lucky enough to get a double dose of superheroes each week. Of course, the many differences between the two shows inevitably draw comparisons between them. Arrow has admittedly had more time to establish itself than The Flash, as archer extraordinaire Oliver Queen has just begun his fourth season on the air on Arrow while speedster Barry Allen only is only racing into his second over at The Flash. While both shows definitely have their merits, comparisons between the two lead to one logical conclusion in my mind: Arrow is just better. Check out the five reasons why!

Taking The Superhero Biz Seriously
Taking The Superhero Biz Seriously
Arrow is a serious show. The main character has had a pretty grim outlook on life after enduring five years in hell, and the tone of the series has reflected that outlook. While serious, it's not always a grim show, and the seriousness of the drama has given it the ability to successfully go darker and lighter than its status quo. Arrow can find moments of humor even in episodes about assassins and drug dealers and anarchists. It works to humanize the characters, keep the stakes nice and high, and give more flexibility to the storytelling. On The Flash, however, the tone is consistently light and the dialogue is frequently peppered with adorable jokes the case of the week. The Flash just doesn’t feel as believable when it goes dark as Arrow does when it goes light.

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