Barry Allen worked with several superpowered allies during The Flash Season 1, and there will be a new hero showing up in Central City for Season 2. It was reported last week that this new ally being called “John,” which is obviously a pseudonym, and he's described as a handsome man in his 30s or early 40s who is slightly cynical “with an edge.” We originally speculated this could be Jay Garrick, but that might not be the case anymore. found two audition videos featuring an actor auditioning for the John role. In the first video, the character sounds like he is being tested at S.T.A.R. Labs and talks about how unusual and difficult to control his powers are. In the second video, he’s talking to Barry, whom he refers to as “kid,” after a showdown with a metahuman. Both of them are critiquing each other on how they handled the situation, with John thinking he can do a better job dealing with the bad guys. Although these hints are vague, here are the folks we suspect might be filling this hero role for The Flash’s next season.

Captain Atom
Captain Atom
Manipulating nearly all forms of energy would fall under the category of “hard to control,” wouldn’t it? What’s even better is that like Central City’s metahumans, Nathaniel Adams became Captain Atom through a freak science experiment involving detonation of a powerful energy source, so he's practically begging to be adapted on The Flash. Nathaniel’s military history not only fits the “tough with an edge” description, but would also explain why he believes he has a better grasp on how to handle metahumans than Barry. The show will need to make sure the non-comic book fans don’t get Captain Atom mixed up with The Atom (name-wise, not powers), but that should be easy enough. It would be also be interesting if as time passed, Nathaniel found his physical appearance slowly changing, eventually culminating in his silver-skinned form from the comics.

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