“Midnight City” was not the finest hour for the heroes of Arrow. Brick may not have the aldermen anymore, but with the mayor buckling under the threat of more of Starling City’s politicians being killed, he now has full control of the Glades. Team Arrow may have Laurel on its side as the new Black Canary, but it’s going to take all they’ve got and then some to defeat this madman. In another part of the world, Oliver is revived, but nowhere near 100%. Despite surviving the League of Assassins, it’s hard to believe that he’ll be putting on the mask and returning soon to fight as The Arrow. Things aren’t looking good for our protagonists.

Next week, Arrow’s unofficial trilogy concludes with “Uprising,” and judging from the CW’s official episode description and the 30-second promo, it’s going to be a wild ride. Going off all the clues released so far, here is what you can expect from the February 4 episode.

5. Team Arrow Gets An Offer From Malcolm Merlyn
5. Team Arrow Gets An Offer From Malcolm Merlyn
Still operating without Oliver (Stephen Amell) and desperate to stop Brick (guest star Vinnie Jones), Team Arrow is forced to consider Malcolm’s (John Barrowman) offer to help shut Brick down as Malcolm has a personal score to settle with the felon.

With their leader assumed dead and The Glades under Brick’s control, these are tough times for Team Arrow, which is why they’ll have to decide whether they can accept Malcolm Merlyn’s help. Although he is their enemy and has committed numerous atrocities, desperate times call for desperate measures. The big concern is what Malcolm’s history is with Brick. Could it have something to do with the Undertaking? After all, Brick’s name was listed in Oliver’s notebook from Season 1 as one of many who had “ruined” Starling City. Perhaps Brick somehow interfered with Malcolm’s plan, which worked out since he now controls the Glades (for now).

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