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In honor of their 40th anniversary, PopWatch says Sirius XM is launching a channel dedicated to Monty Python. Wait, a radio channel for a television and film comedy troupe, you say? How does that work?! Well, Monty Python has certainly come up with some of the funniest original songs over the years, and many of their sketches would work audio only.

The channel launches this Friday, directly after the troupe honors their own anniversary in New York. They're set to receive an award from The British Academy of Film and Television Arts that night. Why the hell is the British Academy bestowing an award on a British troupe in New York? Is every theater in the UK booked up?

The 40th anniversary Monty Python award ceremony itself will be streamed live by IFC on the web. Starting Thursday at 9pm EST, fans can log onto IFC.com or PythOnline.com to join in on the action. By joining in, of course, I mean sitting there quietly and watching. Whatever else you choose to do with your idle hands while alone in a dark room watching John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin is entirely on your conscience and we don't want to know.

Then, starting the next day, turn off your TVs and tune in to hear the best songs, sketches and interviews from Monty Python for ten days straight. I'd recommend lots of coffee. I'd certainly not recommend various hardcore narcotics, even though they could also get the job done. One narcotic in particular could make the viewing experience much more "Whoa!" For that, though, you'll want to make sure someone remembers to pick up munchies.

Wait ... I lied! You can't just lie around listening to the radio for ten day straight. You'll have to turn your TV back on starting Sunday at 9pm, because that's when IFC is premiering the new 6-part documentary Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut), chronicling the legendary comedy troupe from their earliest days to their continuing cultural influence. And that runs for six days straight, which means you'll probably have to have your Sirius XM Monty Python channel turned down in the background. That shouldn't get confusing at all.

Even better, IFC has also secured the rights to all of the Monty Python movies as well as every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, which they will start airing immediately following the premiere of the mini-series. And that my friends, is how you celebrate an anniversary!