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In this era of metrosexuality and men wearing skinny jeans, the very notion of what it means to be a man has come into question. Gone are the simpler times when a guy could carve up a wooly mammoth, set some shit on fire, and call it a day. And until Steve McQueen raises from the dead to usher in a new world of masculinity, we're just going to have to rely on Esquire to show us the way.

As part of their "11 Words" feature, Esquire asked 21 celebrities to define manhood in, well, 11 words. They panel includes athletes, politicians, authors, and more. Hell, they even got a fictional character (and dynamo of pure testosterone) to contribute. Here are some of the better responses from various TV-related celebs.

David Simon, Executive Producer of Treme
Fuck the money. Leave this world better than you found it.

John Oliver, The Daily Show
You're not a man unless you own at least three monocles.

Kenny Powers, Eastbound & Down
Modern-man shit: A finger in the ass isn't gay anymore.

You can read the rest of Esquire's "11 Words About Manhood" right here.

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