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Oh, AMC's The Killing. I tried. I really did. I defended your pilot episode when one of my friends was ripping into it on Facebook. I focused on the stellar cast, even as they were given far too little to do. I gritted my teeth through the season's murky pacing, telling myself that I'd made it that far, I couldn't bail out without at least finishing the season and finding out who the fuck killed Rosie Larsen. I'd made a certain commitment, after all, so I owed it to myself to stick around for that answer.

Then I watched the season finale. And they didn't tell us. Despite having already dragged the murder mystery well beyond the breaking point over the course of a plodding, rudderless season; despite having switched suspects around so many times, and in such nonsensical ways, that I was half convinced they just had all the characters' names on a "suspect of the week" wheel; despite all of that, they instead decided to drag a mystery many were already sick of over into a second season few will give a shit about. You're a bastard, AMC's The Killing, and I'm sending my Twin Peaks DVDs over to kick your ass.

Nonetheless, The Killing is coming to Blu-ray and DVD March 13th. After all, just because a show capped off its season with a horrible, wheel-spinning finale, that's no reason not to try to squeeze some cash out of the pockets of the show's remaining fans. Who knows, maybe they'll reveal Rosie's killer in one of the bonus features.

Here's the rundown. I'm biting my tongue not to make a crack about that "Autopsy of The Killing" featurette...

Special Features (Blu-ray and DVD)
  • Commentary on the Pilot with Veena Sud
  • An Autopsy of The Killing
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • "Orpheus Descending" -- extended season finale
  • Commentary on "Orpheus Descending"

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