Abby Elliot Fired From Fox Pilot, Expected To Continue On SNL

One of the great things about Saturday Night Live - besides being an awesome, live forum for comedy – is that working the grueling weekly pace of the show often leads to other opportunities, whether they be in television, film, or other forums. Tina Fey has produced her own show and has even written a book. Multiple cast members, including current SNL cast members Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig, have gone on to star in their own flicks. Which is why it was nice to hear Abby Elliott was getting her first starring shot, an opportunity that has now fallen apart.

Back in February, Elliott was hired to play the lead in upcoming Fox comedy Ned Fox is My Manny. If the show went to series, Elliot was supposed to play a single mom who relies on her brother to help her take care of her daughter. It seems Elliott is unfit to play a mother, however. According to Deadline, after a script read-through, producers did not find Elliot right for the role.

Ned Fox is My Manny is expected to go on with a new lead actress in Elliot’s place, so if you have been excited about that pilot, the show may still make it to air. Which is sort of good news if you are fan of the comedian, as well. Now, she will still have time in her schedule to work at NBC as a player on Saturday Night Live. I hope she wasn’t let go because she pulled out the ‘ol Finding Nemo impression - not a winner.