Created by Terrence Winter, who you may know as the one of the head writers on the other outstanding gangster show from HBO, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire is about to enter its second season. The show that centers around government corruption and the seedy underbelly of Atlantic City during Prohibition is due to return late September and we're lucky enough to get another peek at what's to come.

Just over a month ago, HBO released the first full trailer for Boardwalk, and it was light on actual plot and heavy on the paranoid atmosphere. Basically it set up the main conflict of this year--that all eyes are on Nucky. This new trailer elaborates on that idea by showing some footage and it looks incredible. Take a look below.

It seems Steve Buscemi's Enoch "Nucky" Thompson is getting it from all sides as he tries to hold onto his stake in the bootlegging game. With upstart gangs and gangsters coming at him from all sides, even within his own organization, he's going to have a tough time keeping his dirty hands wrapped tight around the booze racket. If you can honestly tell me this promo doesn't get you amped up for Boardwalk Empire's return, well, then there is no pleasing you. I love the way it opens with the old-timey music, a sunny beach and happy boardwalk before the record begins to skip and the whole tone turns ominous. "Someone is going out of business..."

If you happened to miss the first season of the multiple Emmy nominated program (18 nominations to be exact) you better start catching up before you're left behind. Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO on Sunday, September 25 at p.m.

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