Boardwalk Empire Vet Michael Pitt Was Hospitalized After Strange Behavior Sparked 911 Call

Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire
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Although Boardwalk Empire was chiefly Steve Buscemi’s series from start to finish, in the crime drama’s early seasons, Michael Pitt played an integral role as Jimmy Darmody, the protégé-turned-enemy to Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson. It’s been 11 years since Pitt’s exit from Boardwalk Empire (which you can stream with an HBO Max subscription), and since then Pitt has starred in a number of other high-profile projects. However, Pitt now finds himself in the news not for a professional endeavor, but because he was hospitalized after his strange behavior led to 911 being called.

Last Friday, New York City authorities were alerted to Michael Pitt throwing objects at people in Bushwick, Brooklyn, possibly from the rooftop of a building. Police officers arrived soon after receiving the call to apprehend Pitt, but instead of charging him with a crime, he was instead transported to a nearby hospital for treatment because he was deemed an emotionally disturbed person. Video provided to TMZ showed Pitt being strapped to a gurney and being wheeled to what was likely a nearby ambulance, and the outlet described the actor looking as if “he’s in a daze ... first staring up at the sky, then turning his head to the side as he quietly lays on the stretcher.”

This isn’t the first time Michael Pitt has been the focus on an incident that unfolded in this area of New York City. In July, the Boardwalk Empire alum was arrested for assault and petty larceny, as he allegedly had punch a man in the head several times and then took his phone, though this man reportedly only suffered minor injuries. As far as Pitt’s current situation goes, it’s unclear what his hospitalization status is, but New York law only allows someone to be placed in an involuntary psych hold for 72 hours unless the hospital petitions a judge for an extension, and then that hold stretches to no more than 60 days.

Prior to joining Boardwalk Empire, Michael Pitt appeared in movies like Finding Forrester, Hedwig and the Angry Itch and The Village, as well as had a recurring role as Henry Parker in Dawson’s Creek Season 3. When Boardwalk Empire came along, this gave him another opportunity to work with Steve Buscemi, as they’d previously appeared together in 2006’s Delirious. Jimmy Darmody started out in Boardwalk Empire working for Nucky Thompson following his return home from World War I, but he eventually broke away from his mentor and tried to bring down his criminal enterprises. This conflict ended with Jimmy being gunned down by Nucky in the Season 2 finale. Despite sitting out the following three seasons, Pitt ended up accurately predicting Boardwalk Empire’s ending months ahead of the show’s conclusion in late 2014.

Following his exit from Boardwalk Empire, Michael Pitt popped up like Seven Psychopaths, Criminal and Ghost in the Shell, and he also appeared as Mason Verger in three episodes of the cult-favorite series Hannibal (which Hulu subscribers can stream). More recently, he recurred as Andrew Landon in the Apple TV+ show Lisey’s Story, an adaptation of the same-named Stephen King novel. Pitt’s upcoming movies include Reptile and Black Files, but for right now, here’s hoping that the actor gets the help he needs with his mental health struggles.

While we wait for more information on Michael Pitt’s condition, keep track of what small screen programming is coming up with our 2022 TV schedule.

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