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Adventure Time Season Finale Clip Has Andy Samberg Playing A Rapping Bear

Adventure Time is gearing up for its fifth season finale next week, and we now have a look at a very intense moment for Jake that involves a voice appearance by Andy Samberg. Who's the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star playing in the Cartoon Network animated series? A rapping bear of course! It's a rap battle, but evidently Jake's not buying that it wasn't obviously pre-written.

EW shared the video above, which gives us a sample of Andy Samberg's bear-rapping abilities. The site says the fifth season finale, titled "Billy's Bucket List," will have Finn and Jake's idol Billy dying, "the victim of a nefarious scheme concocted by nefarious antagonist the Lich."

Those familiar with Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live and his comedy group The Lonely Island know he has a knack for music, but how is he with freestyle rapping? Um... passable? Ok, that might be a generous assessment. Check him out in this radio interview from Power 106 FM from a couple of years ago...

"I suck at rapping," Samberg says at the end of the video, after he literally cleared the room with his terrible beats. But watching the Adventure Time clip, it seems like Finn might suck at rapping more, which could be a big problem if he wants to win this battle. And we're left hanging as we wait for him to finish his rap.

Is he stuck or is he just getting warmed up? Because we know Finn can carry a tune. If he can't come up with anything on the spot, maybe he can reprise the Puncha Yo Buns song?

Or the "What Am I To You" song?

Find out if Finn manages to win the rap battle on Monday night when the Adventure Time finale airs on Cartoon Network!

Kelly West
Kelly West

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