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Showtime’s been planning new series The Affair for more than a year, nabbing more than a couple of high profile actors to star in the series, which will follow the rise of a secret relationship from the perspectives of the involved man and woman. Plenty of time has passed since the initial announcement, but The Affair is finally on the way, and this week the subscription cable channel released the first teaser for the series. It’s not one to miss.

The Affair seems to rely on a hyper-emotional plot. There are two lovers. One is a loving father and high school teacher played by The Wire star Dominic West. The other is a waitress named Allison (Ruth Wilson) who seems troubled and nervous. When the two meet during a summer vacation on Long Island, we see an immediate connection begin to spark. The trailer’s filled with not-so-subtle glances and tender touches, followed by moments of extreme passion and intimacy. It’s a rollercoaster of big feelings, both high and low, supplemented by supple memories that show how two people can remember one event differently.

Yet, The Affair is not simply about the rise of a taboo relationship. There’s a mystery, too. In the trailer, both leads seem to be talking to a detective about their undercover relationship in a plot format that is similar to HBO’s True Detective. We don’t know why Allison and Noah been called in or whether their story will always be told this way, but it does add a little intrigue to a story that seemed to be all about sex and secrets when we first heard about it. It’s especially intriguing when West’s character, Noah, mentions an accident and the detective alludes to a potential murder.

The teaser from Showtime is really more of a trailer, offering us a 3-minute window into the latest series to hit the network. Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson also feature prominently in the video, playing the partners of the cheaters. She’s a frazzled-looking mom, while he should have fun playing a smooth and handsome cowboy. The Affair is written by playwright Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi, and should fit in with Showtime’s more dramatic fare.

We won’t have too long to wait to find out. The Affair will hit Showtime’s schedule this fall, officially premiering on October 19th at 10 p.m. ET. In the meantime, if you are interested in the brand new drama, you can head over to the subscription cable channel’s site.

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