Alicia Keys, Josh Krajcik Set To Perform On The X Factor In Season 2

After two weeks of emotional double elimination episodes, The X Factor is ready to showcase its top eight contestants, and they plan to do so in a stylish episode that will include Alicia Keys and one of last season’s favorite contestants. Fans of the scruffy, sincere musician and singer, Josh Krajcik--who earned second place in the singing competition show’s first season--will be happy to hear the man will be performing during next week’s episode.

The X Factor airs each week on Wednesday and Thursday, and while Wednesday’s episode is totally focused on the contestants performances, on Thursday producers usually like to shake things up a bit. After last night’s dismal performance from the British X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd--whose singing was actually less attractive than her high-cut shorts--I’m happy to hear the November 29 episode of the series will feature some less-annoying talent.

According to THR, the episode will feature Keys previewing a track from her upcoming album, Girl on Fire. It sounds like she won’t be singing the album's namesake track, ”Girl on Fire”, a song that I enjoy, but that wouldn’t really supplement the already dismal mood of the room on an elimination day. Krajcik, too, will be performing new material. The former contestant will be performing his brand new single, “One Thing She’ll Never Know,” off of his debut album, which is set to street in 2013. It should be a good night for everyone, excepting the poor contestant who gets the boot.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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