All-Stars Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Easiest Firing Of The Year

Wait…what? I’m pretty sure that was the reaction almost all Apprentice fans had after seeing the utterly bizarre decision one project manager made as to who to bring back to the boardroom last night. After having watched every single season, having watched people quit and people asked to be fired, I’ve still never seen anything as dumbfounding and infuriating as what happened. La Toya, La Toya, La Toya…

Rougly an hour and a half before that fateful decision, at least in television time, the two teams met with Crystal Light executives and were charged with the task of putting on a five minute soap opera like play that would introduce new Crystal Light flavors that come in squeeze bottles to the audience. La Toya and Stephen Baldwin were chosen as project managers for their respective teams.

As per usual, Stephen’s team was, for the most part, harmonious. They rolled with an idea from Penn about using one of the flavors to symbolize romance, squeezing in a little more when they wanted the action to heat up. Apart from only using one flavor, the executives were all over the idea. As per usual, La Toya’s team quickly got caught up in messy in-fighting thanks to Omarosa’s always distracting bullshit.

Not surprisingly, Stephen and company rolled to the victory. Surprisingly, when it came time to choose who to bring back, La Toya picked Dennis Rodman and Brande Roderick rather than Omara. Ivanka was so flabbergasted she dropped her pen, and the Donald was so annoyed he fired La Toya without much debate.

The Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings are an ordered compilation of weekly lists put together by TV Blend writers Mack Rawden and Jessica Rawden. Each week after viewing the episode, they each rank the competitors in order. Fourteen points are given for a first place vote, and this week, four were given for a last place vote. Three competitors have already been eliminated; therefore, those already eliminated automatically occupy the bottom slots. Here is how this week’s voting panned out, complete with analysis on how the celebrities might fare moving forward.

The Favorites

#1) Lil Jon (28): Lil Jon has been consistently brilliant this season. He often comes up with meaningful ideas in a task and is hard worker. What may be more important is that he has the respect of his teammates. They know he’s a strong player, and this time around, he may just be able to stick it out until the end.

#2) Penn Jillette (25): Penn is an idea machine. He’s a champion brainstormer, and he’s an extremely valuable guy to have around. On the one hand, this puts him in a unique position to be continually singled out as a champion in the boardroom. Unfortunately, as Stephen continually said during last night’s episode, that also puts him up for elimination if his team loses on said idea.

#3) Trace Adkins (24): We’re through three tasks thus far. During round one, Trace won as project manager. During round two, he was gone. During round three, he was once again an all-star, singled out by everyone involved for his acting, his singing and his willingness to have fun.

#4) Claudia Jordan (23): Claudia really stepped up her game this week, stepping in when Omarosa decided to be difficult. She played a goofy villain during the Crystal Light challenge and wisely didn’t take the bait when Omarosa tried to challenge her loyalty as a friend. So far, a lot of women have proven they are capable workers in a challenge, but we need to see more from the creative and leadership ends from Claudia, as well.

The Contenders

#5) Marilu Henner (20): Given her extensive acting experience, I wish Marilu would have stepped up a bit and tried to fight for her place as project manager. Instead, she seemed very content to hang out in the background. Considering her team won, it’s hard to fault her, but at some point, she’s going to need to assert herself a bit more before she can be considered a possible winner.

#6) Brande Roderick (18): Brande is passionate and this helped her to stay in the game even when she lost as project manager. However, harkening back to that loss, Brande was not a particularly capable leader. She didn’t keep track of her finances and she let Omarosa walk all over her. Brande won’t have to be the project manager for a long time, but she has her work cut out for her when the burden falls on her shoulders, once more.

#7) Stephen Baldwin (16): Stephen Baldwin is as smarmy and weird as ever, but he did win $50,000 from Trump and Crystal Light this week and as long as he keeps putting in some effort he should stick around for a while. However, if the strange yelling and anger he exhibited during the directing portion of his project ever pops out again in the boardroom or during a challenge, he may find himself in a bit of trouble.

#8) Dennis Rodman (14): Dennis is willing to work hard. He also has plenty of areas in which he can contribute. He’s not the most active player when left to his own devices, but unlike some other people this season, he’s not a distraction and he doesn’t affect team chemistry in the slightest. He’s not really a threat to win, but given the right circumstances, he could make a deep run.

#9) Lisa Rinna (12): Lisa hasn’t been bad. In fact, she played her part very effectively during the soap opera, but as we said last week, she really needs to eventually answer the bell and start contributing some more tangible ideas. She seems a little too much like a follower and not quite enough of a strong voice to be a real threat. That being said, she could well surprise us whenever she steps up to become PM.

The Dark Horses

#10) Gary Busey (9): Gary exhibited the same strengths and weaknesses he exhibits every week. He doesn’t offer any leadership or creativity during a task and he’s more often distracting than not. However, his energy and enthusiasm when the judges are around does often sparkle, making it easy to forget his other flaws. Well, easy for the judges and less so for his teammates.

#10) Omarosa (9): Here’s what’s infuriating about Omarosa. She seems to think she’s been blessed with the world’s most analytic and strategic mind, but she’s still never learned that you attract more flies with honey. Being manipulative and underhanded is fine in a game like this, but when one does it so openly and so distractingly, it’s not smart game play at all. There’s a reason why she always loses.

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Lil Jon (14)
Trace Adkins (13)
Penn Jillette (12)
Claudia Jordan (11)
Marilu Henner (10)
Brande Roderick (9)
Stephen Baldwin (8)
Dennis Rodman (7)
Lisa Rinna (6)
Omarosa (5)
Gary Busey (4)
Lil Jon (14)
Penn Jillette (13)
Claudia Jordan (12)
Trade Adkins (11)
Marilu Henner (10)
Brande Roderick (9)
Stephen Baldwin (8)
Dennis Rodman (7)
Lisa Rinna (6)
Gary Busey (5)
Omarosa (4)
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