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American Horror Story’s newest season may be subtitled Coven, but it looks like ‘witches’ of all varieties will be accepted into the plot. We already know that Angela Bassett has signed on to the series as a voodoo practitioner, and the newest teaser for the third cycle of the series looks to be a nod to that element of the craft. At first, we just see a blank screen. Then, an object begins to come into focus. Eventually, we get to see a half-dressed woman before we may realize that she has pins stuck through her body. We’re not talking sewing pins—we’re talking huge, creepy pins that come straight out of a nightmare.

The new teaser is the second we’ve gotten to see from FX’s drama, which means that hopefully a full trailer is on the way. For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with these short, less than a minute-long spots. The first segment was a little less affecting than today’s, although seeing women punished by being thrown up on walls is still an image that has been burned into my mind. In fact, this sort of marketing move is probably AHS’ primary skill. I can still remember the short teaser trailers from last season that featured the white-faced nun like I saw them yesterday.

Since we haven’t gotten a full trailer, yet, American Horror Story: Coven largely remains a mystery. Recently, some of the ladies in the cast got together to talk about their characters as part of the Television Critics Association’s summer tour. During that session, we learned that some of the characters in the new season will be based on real-life historical figures. That’s a bit of a curveball for an AHS storyline, but a welcome one.

Kathy Bates, for instance, is signed on to play Marie Delphine LaLaurie, a known serial killer living in Lousiana’s high society in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Bassett, like Bates, will play a historical person from Lousiana. Her character is a woman named Marie Laveau, a woman who was known to practice voodoo during her lifetime. To prep for the role, Bassett really got into it, meeting with real-life voodoo aficionados who helped her to get into character.

Finally, we know that the new season will pit voodoo witches against the Salem-style witches. Murphy announced that news just a couple of days ago, noting that Bassett’s character will be up against Jessica Lange’s Salem character throughout Coven.
"It really is about the witches of Salem pitted against voodoo witches. It's been a centuries-long feud and it's up to Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett to mend the fence. The witches are really sort of a great allegory and metaphor for any minority group that has been persecuted and has had to go underground and, finally, is like, 'You know what? Dammit, no. We're fighting back,' so that's what they do."

I love that we’ve seen what seems to be Salem witchcraft in the light in the first teaser and dark, voodoo magic in the second teaser. Now, if we could just get new episodes, everything would be perfect. American Horror Story: Coven is set to hit FX’s schedule in October.

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