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The American Horror Story: Hotel Opening Credits Are The Creepiest Thing You'll See Today

Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Everything we’ve seen so far for American Horror Story: Hotel has hinted at this possibly being the wickedest season yet – which is kind of how they all have felt, but still – and the newly released opening titles keep that streak going. Get ready to have your mind imprinted with some freaky shit as you watch.

As with the opening title sequences of seasons past, this one seems to offer clues about what audiences can expect from American Horror Story: Hotel, with the main thing being “creepy shit inside of people’s beds.” I can’t help but be reminded of Robert Rodriguez’s segment of Four Rooms where the kids find a dead hooker stuffed inside the bed’s box spring. But these things inside of the bed are very much alive. I mean, seeing a pale kid peeking out of it was bad enough, but what the high holy fuck is this thing?


Speaking of “holy,” you don’t have to be a keen viewer to see that the Ten Commandments make up a large chunk of these credits. And in neon lights, no less. That will tie into one of the killers that Wes Bentley’s detective is tracking down that is wisely called The Ten Commandments Killer. (He’s not the eyeless guy with the dildo.) We can’t wait to see how some of those are used for the presumably disgusting murders.

The unconnected teasers that have come out in recent weeks have played up the peepholes on the hotel room doors, and the same goes here. I like the idea of imagery changing behind the peephole, such as when that woman turns into a skeleton, and I wonder if those kind of hallucinogenic effects will be in the show itself. Hate to have that only serving as a promo gimmick.

I still don’t quite understand what’s going on with all of these children, which also played a big part in the first trailer. I’m not generally a fan of children in horror, but these creepsters may sway me, especially if they stay silent and pale the whole time.

And if you’re looking for a good way to not have children, there’s no better form of birth control than this ugly sumbitch.


Seriously, who IS that guy? I like to think that it’s what Lady Gaga’s Countess turns into if she doesn’t get her proper blood feeding. I guess it could also be Finn Wittrock or Matt Bomer, but they don’t have legs like that. There’s a lot of legs in this promo, which seems like it might be sexual in nature, as we know sex will play a big part in this season, but then I’m sure they’ll be used in truly awful ways.

Be sure to change your bedsheets when American Horror Story: Hotel makes its premiere on FX on Wednesday, October 7.

Nick Venable
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