We're approaching the halfway point of the current season of American Horror Story, and while it may seem like things couldn't possibly get any creepier, they probably will. While we wait to see what's in store for the residents of Season 2's Asylum setting, fans of the FX series can celebrate the news that AHS will be back for Season 3!

TVLine shared the news, stating that Ryan Murphy's horror-drama has been renewed for a 13-episode third season, which will air next year. To add to that excellent bit of news, it's been confirmed that Jessica Lange will return for Season 3. Who will she play? Assuming the series starts over with a new setting and story for the third season, we should expect her to play a whole new character, just as she did at the start of American Horror Story: Asylum.

AHS took a chance in starting fresh with a brand new story in its second season. Season 1 took place in a haunted house. For Season 2, a number of actors, including Lange, returned to the series to play new roles in Asylum. The great thing about it is that it leaves the first season concluded and untouched and allows new viewers to join in for Season 2 even if they haven't seen the first season. The show will presumably start over again for Season 3 and I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation about where and when the story will take place. For now, the show's eventual return for Season 3 and the assurance that Lange is on board is excellent news.

If we're allowed to lodge suggestions for the Season 3 location, I'd like to submit a haunted boarding school (any time period will do) or an old circus (something from the 20s or 30s, maybe?). Creepy clowns!

American Horror Story: Asylum wraps up in January.

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